Avid Athlete Abstains (from Gluten)

Sports Fans will enjoy a blog I stumbled upon the other day: Gluten-Free Triathlon Training Tips for Triathletes. The blog, written by award-winning triathlete John Martin Forberger, helps aspiring triathletes train for swimming, biking, and running. Forberger punctuates his exercise suggestions with tips for chowing down celiac style. Quick preview: he recommends eggs.

Forberger wants you to know that eating gluten-free won’t slow you down:

I have participated in several races and won several triathlons while maintaining a full gluten-free diet. I ventured into the triathlon world as a former high school track & field runner and just a decent swimmer. I had zero biking experience. The bottom line – it is possible to eat a gluten-free diet and compete in endurance sports.

A blunt tone—”He didn’t become one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive by sitting on the couch all day eating chocolate Haagen-Dazs”—and an entertaining variety of topics turn this blog into an addictive pleasure. Follow the link and you will learn exercises for toning your shoulders, the pros and cons of various kinds of bikes, which triathlete is sponsored by which company, advice for how to impress your spouse, and a review of GF protein powder.  Have a good time reading and then, as I’m sure Forberger would agree, get off your butt!

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  1. Having been a competitive runner myself, I was delighted to see this post! I’ve never really encountered other athletes with celiac disease. Thanks so much for sharing this website- I look forward to reading up!

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