Starbucks Tweet: Valencia Orange Cake Discontinued

Gluten Freeway reported last night that Starbucks has discontinued its delicious, sticky, and gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake in favor of Kind Bars, a gluten-free dried nut and fruit bar. Starbucks’ Twitter said the decision was made because people felt the Orange Cake was “too much of a treat, and not a nutritious snack.”

We’ve contacted Starbucks, and we hope to find out more information soon. We’ll be sure to post any responses right here on our blog.

Until then, we’d love to hear what you all think of this decision. Please comment!

18 thoughts on “Starbucks Tweet: Valencia Orange Cake Discontinued”

  1. Disappointing as it is that they are discontinuing this item, I do agree with them that the “cake” was too mushy and not nutritional. I would rather have the Kind Bars, or something similar, and am happy that at least Starbucks is going to continue a well known gluten free item. Of course we would like to see a couple of options available, and maybe one bar, and one muffin or cake type item would be great. Blueberry muffins would be great! Keep in mind that for a corporation, the prepared bars are non-perishable and therefore have a longer shelf life, so therefore they can carry more than just a few each day at every location.

  2. This is ashame. My 5 year old loved this. It’s not easy finding gluten free anywhere especially when you are traveling. At least she was able to get something when we stopped for coffee. Oh well, hope Starbucks changes it’s mind.

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out! Much appreciated.

    Wanted to put my 2 cents in: I think that Starbucks should have created a gluten free sandwich, or something similar that people could stop in everyday for. Of course most people wouldn’t stop in everyday for a sandwich, but I had the Orange Valencia Cake once and that was enough for me. It was too much of a “treat” for me — I’d prefer they create a muffin or something similar to what they have on the shelves for gluten-consuming customers.

  4. I can find Kind bars anywhere, and generally have a few things of that type in my bag. However, for my 5yo daughter, the chance to go out for a real treat just like her friends was an amazing step. A muffin or loaf might be a good substitute, but the Kind bars, while tasty enough, aren’t a substitute for a yummy indulgence with coffee.

  5. Although I had heard that Starbucks had something like this, I’ve never once seen it in a store. I really wanted to try it!

    So what if it’s that healthy? I miss being able to eat a dessert I didn’t make myself and that I don’t have to freeze so that I can take my time eating the whole box.

    You would think these concerns would be at least as important as how healthy it is. After all, it’s not like all of Starbucks is healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kind bars, but I don’t want one with my coffee.

  6. LOL – people thought too much of a treat and not healthy! Have “those” people checked the nutritional information on those lattes they are drinking? Starbuck’s IS a treat and while some did not care for the cake many did. Fruit and nut bars instead?? No thank you. Let us have our treat please.

  7. I agree with Tina. None of the muffins, scones, etc. that Starbucks carries with gluten in them are healthy. Give me a break. If I’m looking for something healthy then I’m certainly not going to Starbucks. I understand that the valencia cakes have a short shelf life but I bought them frozen twice and they thaw out really quickly.

  8. This makes me sad, really…

    It seemed like such a step in the right direction – letting gluten-free foodies feel “normal.” Like others have said, it wasn’t about being healthy, “gluten-free” doesn’t equal “healthy.”

    Those fruit/nut bars are so BLAH! Easy enough to already have on hand and not a TREAT really… >_< *shakes fist*

  9. Oh no not the orange cake. It was such a treat to have a real goodie for once. Even my non gluten free friends enjoyed it. I eat more fruit and nuts than a squirrel and will never get excited about a fruit/nut bar. The orange cake was sensational. Starbucks, what are you thinking???

  10. NUTRITIONAL?????????? HA,HA,HA,HA,HA Since when was Starbucks concerned about nutrition? people make chocies everyday. They can choose the nutrition of a “fat free latte” or the fully loaded latte. Please………….. give us a choice. Carry them both!!! I just found out about them two weeks ago so they haven’t even given them a chance. In fact I was soooooooooooo assured that Starbucks was never going to make a gluten free goodie that I started going to another coffee shop who did. I am so disappointed that they didn’t really give them a chance.

  11. I have been wanting to try the orange cake and finally did last night. I loved it!!! I eat very healthy at home so I wanted a treat when I was out with my son. We got our coffee and the orange cake and the guy told me they were discontinuing it. I was upset to say the least! i am so tired of going out w/people and not being able to have anything while others enjoy there deserts. For once, I was able to get something and enjoy it not worrying if it had gluten in it. I can’t see why they would replace it w/a nut bar. The other deserts they have are muffins and cakes. Why can’t people that are gluten free have somthing yummy and not have to pay an arm or leg for it! I was upset also that the gluten free orange cake was not included in the special where you could buy a coffee and dessert! I feel these companies make money on people w/problems like Celiac Disease or intolerance. Please don’t take the Gluten free Orange Cake away. It was amazing!!!

  12. When you only have one option for us who have gluten allergies, the Valencia cake was delicious……However most of the time when I went to our local Starbucks it was sold out…….As previous people have said those “Nutritional Fruit Bars” are not what I want for my coffee as I carry them when all else fails……Bring back a treat and if you want to carry those bars for those who don”t want a treat then do that as well………Bad move taking them off………..

  13. Very sad to see these go… these were my favorite *treat*. I don’t want a fruit & nut bar w/coffee either. I can buy a bar anywhere else… the Valencia cake was so good and didn’t seem “gluten free”. Very very sad to see those go… I really wish they would bring them back!!!

  14. we can find healthy bars everywhere
    bring back the Valencia!!! it is awesome. Why take out the pleasure from our lives> are we not missing quite a lot? who wants YET ANOTHER snack bar. while everybody is enjoying sandwiches, cakes, pastries, you name it…we need to settle for a SNACK BAR!
    please, please, please, bring it back!!!!!!!!!! we beg you!

  15. boo- hiss!!!! who wants to sit fireside and watch their friends eating delicious baked goods while being stuck eating some pre prepared ole healthy bar??? Bring back the muffin!!

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