Gluten Free English Muffins

Sure, you could just melt butter on your English muffins and enjoy a toasty cold-weather treat. But it’s summertime. If you’re going to the trouble of making yourself fresh GF English muffins, why not top them with freshly made nut butters and fruit from the farmer’s market? Or spread them with berry preserves and serve with sun-steeped iced tea. Ahhh.

Pardon? You don’t know how to make GF English muffins? These bloggers do:

  • Karina whips ’em up with sorghum flour, potato flour, millet flour, and xantham gum.
  • Karen the Gluten Free Sox Fan adapted a recipe and made hers with with sorghum flour, corn starch, tapioca flour, potato starch, and xantham gum. Check the comments section of this recipe for Ellen Allard’s variation using brown and white rice flours instead of some of the sorghum flour. I Am Gluten Free then adapted Ellen Allard’s variation!
  • Gluten Free Naturally invented cinnamon raisin English muffins for her kids—check out her yumtastic picture above—with sorghum flour and potato, tapioca, and corn starches, plus some xantham gum.
  • Rasjane made a trial run and shared the results with us. She used millet flour, tapioca starch, and guar gum.

Share with us your results!

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