Mayo Clinic's Fascinating Finding on Celiac Disease Prevalence

Gluten-free is very close to hitting the mainstream. From profiles on Celiac Disease and gluten-free food hitting The View, CNN, and tons of local outlets, awareness is growing.  And we may be able to chalk this up to more than spreading awareness.  There may actually be MORE Celiacs than ever before. Check out this study by the prestigious Mayo Clinic.  Or, watch this short video by the study’s lead, Dr. Joseph Murray.  By the way, if you love accents like me, Dr. Murray’s accent is mild, but it is Irish.  Dr. Murray received his medical training at the National University of Ireland.  (And if you’re thinking, why does this woman even care, like I said, I’m nuts about accents!  And just a little nuts in general…)

Mayo Clinic\’s Dr. Joseph Murray

One thought on “Mayo Clinic's Fascinating Finding on Celiac Disease Prevalence”

  1. I found the recent video by Dr Joseph Murray very interesting. I was diagnosed in July 2006 with Celiac Disease and the following summer with Dermatitis Herpetiformis. I am gluten free with my diet but still at times have some flare ups with my skin especially when I eat out. My mother died 30 years ago and was diagnosed with colon cancer that eventually spread to her liver. I often wonder if she had Celiac disease since it is a genetic disease and I have no idea where I got it from since both of my parents were dead by the time I was diagnosed. Please keep up the good work and would like to be kept informed of all the latest developments. I worry about my children and grandchildren and hope they do not get this disease.
    Thank You Angela

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