Starbucks Petition UPDATE: 1,600 Signatures!

The gluten-free community needs your help. So far, over 1,600 people have signed our petition to Starbucks to bring back their gluten-free Orange Cake. Once we reach 5,000 signatures, we will send this petition to Starbucks to show our support for this delicious and most importantly, accessible, pastry. So many of you have told us what a relief it was to have something delicious to eat at a nationwide chain like Starbucks. Let’s join together and tell Starbucks how important it is to the gluten-free community that this pastry remain in stores nationwide.

Click here to sign the petition.

6 thoughts on “Starbucks Petition UPDATE: 1,600 Signatures!”

  1. Celiacs will support Starbucks and be faithful customers if you give us a gluten free option to enjoy with our coffee.

  2. Please bring back a gluten-free dessert. It would be so nice to eat something while I enjoy my Starbucks’ coffee.

  3. Imagine if you could no longer eat yummy pastries. Because they make you sick. And then… suddenly, you COULD have them again. With your coffee! You would be SO HAPPY!! And then… you couldn’t have them anymore. Because Starbucks stopped carrying them. That would just bite. Seriously, please bring back the GF muffin. Find a way. I don’t want the Kind bar. I don’t want a healthy alternative. I want a muffin. Please.

  4. I’m with you guys…lol! I’m not interested in paying more for a KIND bar than I paid for the the ones I have packed in my car console (always). The cookies from Lucy’s are good but are not in every store. SB did not go about their marketing of the gf cake correctly. They have to market it ALL customers and it will sell if they choose the right thing. There was a quality control issue with the cake so I doubt that item will ever reappear. Possibly due to the warm summer temps in our area, the orange oil became stringy and people thought there were hairs in the cake. There were never any hairs – just very icky looking orange oil that reminded one of a spider web. It was pretty gross actually. Also, the cakes spoiled very quickly and there was no exp. date on the packaging. Sometimes large companies have trouble doing the simplest things and I think that is what happened with this cake. It’s great that SB brought in so many gf items but it would have been much better from a PR standpoint if they’d never ever introduced the cake in the first place. Then we’d all be dancing in the streets about all the gf offerings there now.

  5. It would be so great to have the option of a gluten free snack/dessert while enjoying a Starbucks latte. Please consider placing these offerings for gluten free snacks in more than the current 600 Starbucks. Also, please encourage the Barnes Nobles sites to purchase these products. I know there are many celiacs in my hometown and two starbucks. I also know my celiac support group would certainly support this endeavor.

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