In case you missed it, the famous TV chef Emeril Lagasse (who my mom adores) put on an all gluten-free episode. Follow the link to watch his videos on how to make gluten-free New Orleans fare. Recipes include stuffed chicken, cornbread, stewed tomatoes and okra, and pecan pie. It all sounds delicious, but when I checked out his recipes, I realized that people with celiac disease should be careful of some if his ingredients. For example, his stuffed chicken recipe calls for “amber beer.” As we all know, beer has to be specifically gluten-free to be safe, and because most GF beer is made with sorghum, it tends to be sweeter than non-gluten-free beer. In the same recipe Emeril also calls for “Creole seasoning,” and “Louisiana hot sauce,” neither of which is certain to be gluten-free. If you’re wondering which brands are safe, you can find gluten-free ingredients in our grocery guide. Emeril does, however, helpfully specify a gluten-free brand of Worcestershire sauce. Need helpIf you exercise your usual caution in purchasing ingredients, these recipes will be a lot of fun. Enjoy!