Starbucks Petition UPDATE: 2,500 Signatures!

Since Friday, 2,500 people have signed our petition to bring back Starbucks’ gluten-free Orange Cake. We still need 2,500 more signatures before we will forward the petition to Starbucks. Please, if you haven’t already, tell your friends and family to sign! As evidenced by some of the comments below, this pastry was a great help to the gluten-free community, and its presence in thousands of stores nationwide will be sorely missed.

An anonymous signer told us, “I loved to be able to walk into a “normal” restaurant and be able to order the gf cake. I never left with less than two.”

Candace Magruder wrote, “Please support the significant portion of your customers who can’t eat all those other yummy-looking treats.  We love Starbucks now, but we would love you even more if you brought back the cake!”

Another anonymous signer, whose comments were echoed by many of you, wrote,  “It is extremely difficult to find desserts in restaurants that are gluten free. We all know that cakes and desserts in general are not “healthy” for regular consumption. We can get gluten free bars at a health store, and very few of them could even come close to being considered a treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Please reconsider your decision to remove this cake from your stores.”

Finally, Jennifer Williams Zwagerman told us how Starbucks only made it into her morning routine because of its gluten-free option. “I’m sad to see the cake disappearing. I’ve actually been going to Starbucks in the morning more often now that the cake was available as it was one of the few breakfast options I had. Without the gluten free cake, there’s no reason for me to now go out of my way to Starbucks instead of one of the other options available to me.

If you haven’t signed our petition to Starbucks already, please consider doing so now. The gluten-free community benefitted greatly from the accessibility and ubiquity of this pastry, and significantly regrets its demise. Tell Starbucks how you feel, sign our petition!

10 thoughts on “Starbucks Petition UPDATE: 2,500 Signatures!”

  1. Hi:
    It just occurred to me that if 2500 signatures could come in since Friday, maybe you shouldn’t stop at 5000….let’s show Starbucks how many of us are out there and aim for 10,000!

  2. Please KEEP the new gluten free fruit and nut bar AND bring back the gluten free cake. The more options for me and my daughters, the more we love Starbucks! I asked for the cake at our local Starbucks this Sunday morning and was totally bummed to learn they were out of stock. At the time, I thought it was just an out of stock, not a “gone from menu,” but, nonetheless, since I couldn’t bring anything home for the girls, I put back the treats I was going to purchase for the whole family of 6 and brought home only drinks.

  3. I would love to actually be able to eat at Starbucks when I get a latte. I haven’t yet tried the cake because I didn’t know it was available.

  4. Starbucks, please keep the gluten-free cake!!!
    The dietary needs of this growing gluten-intolerant community is knocking
    at your door. Many restaurants, bakeries and companies are marketing gluten-free foods. Don’t shut out those with food allergies and intolerances.

  5. Please carry products that are gluten-free since there are increasing numbers of people who are being diagnosed with celiac disease. Thanks, Diane

  6. We were so excited to see these short lived pastries when we returned from Europe. We thought sbucks U.S. Was finally catching up with the European stores that have several gluten free pastry offerings and even sandwich offerings in most stores. They have the new packaged cookies here in Scottsdale, but my daughter much preferred the soft pastry. I hope Sbucks will follow Europe in not only bringing back the orange pastries, but expanding the line. If they have thhem in Europe, then we know that they have the source partners already.

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