Gluten Free Lasagna

Gooey, chewy lasagna may have originated in Italy, but by now almost every American household has whole-heartedly embraced this delicious rectangular entrée. And there’s no reason the gluten-free community can’t enjoy this dish; there are a ton of ways to eat lasagna without wheat. Among the blogging community, Tinkyada GF lasagna noodles are the clear winner in recipe after recipe, but if you’re looking to skip the GF substitutions, we’ve collected a number of recipes that don’t require noodles at all!

  • Bonzai Aphrodite offers us a Vegan Polenta Lasagna. She uses vegan cream cheese, which can be difficult for the non-urban to find.
  • Melanie of Gluten Free Krums substitutes sliced potatoes for the noodles. Then she piles on the turkey, goat cheese, and spinach.
  • Gluten Free Goof of Blog Schmog uses rice, eggs, cottage cheese, and ground beef in her No Noodle Lasagna recipe.
  • The Gluten Free Homemaker cooks up Mexican Lasagna layered with strips of corn tortilla. That’s what I do too!
  • Book of Yum features a Spaghetti Squash Un-Lasagna which substitutes spaghetti squash strands for lasagna noodles and which also offers both dairy and non-dairy versions.

One thought on “Gluten Free Lasagna”

  1. Any one try the spaghetti squash un-lasagna? I’m really curious how that comes out and may have to try it. Sounds a *lot* healthier than using noodles.

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