Celiac-friendly Cooking Videos on the web

If you enjoy watching cooking shows on TV but wish that there were a show just for celiacs, just turn the Internet into your personal gluten-free TV. You have so many options you can’t watch them all! Here are some places to start viewin’ and chewin’:

  • Lovin’ From the Oven is a website run by Bobby and Barbee with several videos demonstrating how to make various classic American gluten-free dishes: almond-crusted salmon with a citrus sauce, Southwestern stuffed peppers, potato onion casserole, and strawberry swirl cheesecake, etc. The recipes are also listed on the site.
  • Nearly Normal Kitchen posted five videos starring cookbook author Jules Shepard on YouTube: gluten-free pumpkin cookies, gf brownies, gf flour mixture, gf bread making, and gf graham crackers.
  • Elana’s Pantry, one of our community gluten-free blogs, hosts two videos: one on how to make bluberry muffins with coconut flour, and the other on vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookies.
  • Gluten Free Kiwi Dot Com posted a whopping 33 videos, some of which are recipes (pizza, New Zealand love cake, gnocchi, and breakfast), and some of which are commentary on travel or how to set up a gluten-free kitchen.
  • The Gluten Solution recorded 21 videos on YouTube, including several Hallowe’en recipes, paprika chicken, shrimp corn boil, and herbed rainbow trout.

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