United Kingdom News: Gluten Free Dog Food

Owner Stephen Ward in Lancashire discovered that his French mastiff Milo was allergic to wheat and gluten, so he started buying dog food from a specialist in non-allergenic, gluten-free dog food. Milo became healthy again, but then the specialist’s business folded, and Mr. Ward did not want Milo to suffer again. So Ward, aged 41, started a business, Height Farms Premium Pet Foods, in Harwood. The business has been taking off and Milo is a lot better. Ward likes to think of his product as “posh nosh” for dogs and cats.

The food contains no artifical colors or flavorings, no soy, dairy, wheat, or wheat gluten. Main ingredients vary from fresh chicken, turkey, rice, grade ‘A’ chicken meal, and fresh salmon to lamb meal. You can order online or by telephone, but probably only in the U.K.

Does anyone know if pets can have celiac disease, or only allergies to gluten and wheat?

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