Gluten Free Food at Sports Arenas across the U.S.

Hey sports fans!

Next time you’re in Baltimore watching the Ravens play at M&T Bank Stadium, you can enjoy some salty snacks and gluten-free beer! According to the Baltimore Sun, Anheuser-Busch’s gluten-free beer, Redbridge, is sold for $7 on the first floor concourse from a concession stand near section 130. The stand also sells gluten-free pretzels.

But that’s not the only place that people with celiac disease can enjoy food with their sports. The Coors Field in Denver, home of the Colorado Rockies, has an entirely gluten-free concession stand behind Section 147 on the left field that sells hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, cookies, pretzels, chips, brownies, beer, and soda.

Go watch the Washington Nationals play and enjoy munching on enormous gluten-free pretzels by Noah’s Pretzels. The pretzels are also available at Baltimore Oriole’s games.

The Arizona Diamondbacks play at Chase Field, where you can now find gluten-free beer and snacks. The gluten-free beer is available wherever liquor is sold (sections 109, 114, 122, 129, 136, 311, 324), and you can also munch on Larabar and gummy bears.

Lincoln Financial Field, during home games of the  Philadelphia Eagles, will sell gluten-free hot dogs and buns at “The Philly Stand” at Section 117.  By September 20, gluten-free snacks will join the menu. Redbridge beer will be served at The Liberty Bell Taproom at Section 118. Score! (Thanks to Gluten Free Philly for the tip!)

At US Cellular field (formerly Comiskey Park), home of the Chicago White Sox, you can go to the Southside Grill for gluten-free beer, granola bars, and candy.

At Citizens’ Bank Park, home of the Phillies, you can chow down on gf snacks, hot dogs, and buns from the South Philly Market stand behind Section 128. You can guzzle Redbridge beer from any the concession stands near 139, 204, 323, and at the Brewerytown stand on Ashburn Alley. Also in Ashburn Alley, enjoy food from Bull’s BBQ, specifically all meat products, barbecue sauce, cole slaw, and beans. Thanks to CeliacsTips for the excellent info.

Do any other sports stadiums sell gluten-free drinks and food? Spread the happiness and tell us!

12 thoughts on “Gluten Free Food at Sports Arenas across the U.S.”

  1. Hi! It’s Megan from Triumph Dining with an update from a customer concerning US Cellular Field and Citifield:

    US Cellular Field has GF beer, but not at South Side Grill. It can be found at a beer stand outside of section 155.

    Citifield, the new home of the Mets serves redbridge at their beers around the world stand, at their foodcourt, field level in center field.

  2. I wrote a letter last year to the Anaheim Angels asking for this – even volunteered my time – no response. Someone please get the Angels and ALL events to cater GF options!

  3. Wow it is about time they think about us at sports arena’s! Now I wish it would come to the UGA football games! Bring Gluten Free FOOD


  5. I recently read where you can purchase RedBridge beer and Gluten free pizzas at Yankee Stadium. The beer is by Section 226 and the pizzas are by Section 125. I understand they plan on adding more options.

  6. I wrote Angels Stadium on my wife’s behalf. Their new Melissa’s Harvest stand locations at both food courts outside the first and third base lines (field level) have gluten free hot dogs, Redbridge GF beer, and more. They said Toro Sushi is also gluten free.

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