Labor Day marks the start of BBQ season in the Atlanta area. When I say BBQ (barbecue), I mean food with barbecue sauce in or or on it – not a verb meaning “to grill”. In the South, barbecue means barbecue sauce is involved. Up North, the term tends to mean the activity of grilling food. Using sauce – BBQ or another type – may or not be involved.

bss_thickerAround oue house we love our Bone Suckin’ Sauce – Thicker Style. It’s gluten-free, MSG free, preservative free and all natural. It’s even free of high fructose corn syrup! This is fairly uncommon for ready-made BBQ sauces. Bone Suckin’ Sauces are simply amazing – to us anyway!

Check out the BBQ recipes on the Bone Suckin’ Sauce website. Just remember that all of their recipes are not gluten-free – just their sauces. Most recipes listed can easily be modified to be gluten-free, of course.

From the Bone Suckin’ Sauce website:

We are proud to annouce our products are always Gluten Free! We were just Honored by Columbia University’s Celiac Disease Center. How fun! Even our wonderful Bone Suckin’ Yaki is less than 5ppm Gluten ~ We also say No to High Fructose Corn Syrup!

However, there are those that like to make their own BBQ sauce.  Check out these interesting  recipes by some very creative gluten-free bloggers:

  • Over at The Book of Yum, they created a few gluten-free, vegetarian BBQ dishes. I must admit I had never heard of wing-less BBQ tofu before. You’ll find some very interesting and tasty recipes over there, no doubt!
  • For a different approach to barbeque, the Whole Life Nutrition blog offers a sugar free, gluten-free and soy free Chipotle BBQ recipe. They even have a book with over 200 gluten-free recipes in it – devoted to helping people eat deliciously and healthy!
  • Elana at Elana’s Pantry created a barbecue sauce recipe that does not use sugar or agave. Now that is one amazing feat, to be sure!

Tell us about your favorite gluten-free BBQ sauce (or recipe for it) in the comments below!