Gluten-free Weekends at Shaun's in Atlanta

IMG_0230Shaun’s Restaurant is a highly praised, relaxed neighborhood dining establishment in Atlanta, GA. To some in the area, it might seem like many other such places but Shaun’s is different. Shaun Doty is a talented chef who is committed to using fresh, local ingredients and knows what is going in his food.  But the special part for us is that about a year ago Shaun’s Restaurant began hosting monthly gluten-free dinners.

The local gluten-free dinner club did not prompt Shaun’s decision to host these dinners. This was all his idea and what a great one it was. I had a couple of meals there when the gluten-free “nights” started up and everything we had was outstanding. They even carry Green’s gluten-free beer from Belgium and offered a tasting of all three for those interested in trying them.

Shaun’s gluten-free dinners became so popular that he now offers a  “celiac menu” weekend once a month. That runs three days a month instead of only one – but anyone can have a gluten-free meal there for the asking. It’s suggested that you note your gluten-free needs when making a reservation.

Recently, I was Shaun’s guest for a spectacular gluten-free meal. To start I had an incredible creation – Vidalia onion soup with cumin pasilla chili. To say the soup was spectacular does not do it justice. I really felt like skipping my entree and just having more soup. It was that amazing and my gluten eating husband agreed. It was hard but I did share the last little bit with him.

IMG_0231My entree was both delicious and different, to say the least. The wild Columbia King River Salmon was topped with organic okra and Creole sauce. I’m not a huge fan of okra so I gave most of it to my husband. Still the fish was excellent with a nice low key kick to it. It was also cooked all the way through per my request. It would typically be served medium, I believe.

To complete my gluten-free meal was a refreshing dessert, also quite different which one comes to expect at Shaun’s. The Virgil’s gluten-free cream soda float with vanilla bean ice cream and orange sherbet was the perfect end to an amazing gluten-free meal!


As always, when leaving Shaun’s we wished we lived in town instead of the burbs of Atlanta. Shaun’s gluten-free weekends are the second of each month (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Today kicks off the September “Celiac Menu” event.

For the gluten lovers in your life, Sunday nights (at least through summer) offered a $12 pasta dinner three course meal. Maybe if Shaun finds a gluten-free pasta he likes we can pay a bit more and get a similar deal!

Over the weekend I picked up a six-pack of Virgil’s cream soda so I can attempt to make an orange vanilla cream soda float. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to be quite as good as Shaun’s was. And I really wish he’d sell the Vidalia onion soup by the quart!

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  1. They are in historic Inman Park. Sorry the link was not working before. If you click on the blue Shuan’s Restaurant now, you’ll link to their website. The post the one weekend a month celiac menu on line now as well. They will accomodate gluten-free diners on non celiac menu weekends. I found the soda they made my dessert with so I’m going to attempt to recreate it soon.

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