Blogger of the Month – September 2009

Kathleen RealeOur blogger of the month is Kathleen Reale over at BeFreeForMe. Kathleen was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2004 and decided to put her business expertise to good use by creating the first and only web site to offer coupons and samples to gluten and food allergy-free consumers.

Kathleen’s past extensive business success has been duplicated with this new venture, dedicated to helping the allergen free community live easier, tastier and less expensive lives. We can all benefit from that!

Like the rest of us, Kathleen quickly figured out that living a gluten-free lifestyle takes preparation, time and money. Her sky rocketing grocery bills prompted her to put her marketing and event planning experience to work. And that is how BeFreeForMe came to be.

On the blog part of the website, Kathleen shares product reviews of items she thinks her readers will enjoy knowing about. You’ll find informative articles that address the allergen-free lifestyle.  The allergens addressed on the website are gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and fish.

This except from the BeFreeForMe website explains how they came up with these particular allergens –

Why are there only five categories for the allergens (gluten, fish, dairy, nuts and soy)?  Why didn’t you subcategorize the nut category between peanuts and tree nuts, or separate wheat from the gluten category?

BeFreeForMe researched the feasibility of breaking down the allergens further than the five allergen categories currently being used (gluten, nuts, dairy, fish and soy).  After the research, it was decided to use these five broader allergen labels, since there can be replacement product used (i.e. many recipes generalize ingredients such as “nuts” or “seafood” with no specification to the type or source) We suggest that you explore each one of our recipes and further evaluate the specific ingredients, and if any contain the allergen specific to your concern.

The recipe section of  BeFreeForMe offers recipes in every category from appetizers to dessert. The really neat part of their system is that you can choose up to five allergens to avoid. You just check all items you can’t eat and search the recipes – it’s that simple! Just for fun I searched for gluten, dairy and soy free recipes and over 150 of them popped up. Now that is quite impressive!


At BeFreeForMe you can sign up to receive coupons and samples sent directly to your home. This offer also includes a Newsletter – sent to your inbox monthly. There are three other free services you can sign up for as well. You can join BeFreeForMe and start saving money today! If you are already a member, let us know in the comments below.

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