provenceOne of the main things people who can’t eat gluten miss when dining out is pizza. I never made pizza before my celiac diagnosis but I soon learned that I had to start, or go without it. At that time, we did not have any gluten-free pizza options in Atlanta.

Even though I eventually settled on the pizza crust mix from Gluten Free Naturals (which is excellent by the way), I don’t think a pizza made in a home oven will ever be as good as one from a pizza place. These days Atlanta seems to be in a race with NYC in regards to how many places offer gluten-free pizza. Therefore I very rarely make pizza at home anymore.

But not everyone lives in NYC or Atlanta. Presently, zpizza has 88  locations around the U.S. They came to offer gluten-free pizza because the CEO’s sister has celiac and he wanted her to be able to enjoy pizza. The rest as they say, is history. Now anyone near a zpizza location can enjoy great gluten-free pizza as well. There are new stores set to open in NYC (in the West Village) and San Francisco!

The CA based company started rolling out their gluten-free service slowly. They wanted to get it right of course, but the company just confirmed to me that they now offer gluten-free pizza at all zpizza locations! The company prides itself on using fresh ingredients and offering interesting toppings. The result of their efforts is great tasting unique pizzas! I’ve only eaten at the Metro Atlanta locations in  Alpharetta and Duluth. Those stores actually offer gluten-free brownies and carrot cake! Sorry – this is available only in the Atlanta area.


Don’t worry, you can order an apple pie pizza if you can’t get cake or a brownie at your zpizza. It’s sort of a large dessert and will serve 2-4 people. It’s a wonderful apple dessert, with a strong almond flavor. I order it without the extra almonds on top.

The carrot cake is some of the best in town and a gluten eating friend of mine could not believe the brownie was gluten-free. The trick is that zpizza does not tell their gluten eating patrons those two desserts are gluten-free. This is how they can afford to stock them – they sell them to everyone. And everyone loves them because they are in fact, quite delicious! If you want to make your own carrot cake, check out this post.

Danny Kim owns the two zpizza locations in the burbs here. He’s very involved with the local gluten-free and Autistic communities.  zpizzawould do well to have more people like Danny owning stores around the country. Danny and his right hand man, Glenn Hockert, are simply fine individuals. They very much care that we get safe gluten-free pizza and even desserts – what more could we ask for?

Let us know if you have a zpizza location near you in the comments below. If you’re not sure – check out the locations here!