Gluten-free Chocolate Cake from Pamela's Passes Taste Test with Flying Colors!

CakeRecently I won a bag of Pamela’s Products gluten-free Chocolate Cake Mix. Since a gluten-free friend of mine had used this Pamela’s mix before, she suggested I make a chocolate sour cream cake, for which the recipe is on the bag. There are actually many different recipes on the bag, including a chocolate loaf cake. I assume this is like a chocolate quick bread of sorts. Since I love most any kind of quick bread, I’ll have to make that next time.

The chocolate sour cream cupcakes I made with the mix were absolutely delicious! They were very chocolaty, moist and good enough for gluten eaters to scarf down. I served the cupcakes at a get together where people who eat gluten came back for seconds. That is the true taste test of a gluten-free product for me!

As always, none of the guests that can eat gluten were told the food was gluten-free. Otherwise, they probably would not tasted the food in the first place. More than one person asked how I made such great cupcakes without flour. I explained that there are many flours that are not made from wheat, and that I’d actually used a gluten-free cake mix that contained almond flour, among other things.

To frost the cupcakes, I made homemade chocolate frosting using this recipe from Recipe Zaar. Please note this is not a gluten-free website, but one I get outstanding recipes from all the time. The frosting recipe is super easy to make and quite delicious. In the past, I have enjoyed Pamela’s Dark Chocolate Frosting and it’s outstanding in both taste and texture. Since I don’t think it’s hard to make frosting from scratch, I rarely use frosting mixes. If you like using mixes, the Pamela’s Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix is definitely one to try!

Because I like to know how well things freeze, I froze a half dozen unfrosted cupcakes and frosting on the side. One week later I defrosted a cupcake. It was still tasty but it was not as good as it was the day it was made or the day after. When I make cake from this mix in the future, I’ll do so when it will be eaten within two days. I find this is needed for most gluten-free cake mixes I’ve tried. The chocolate frosting defrosted quite well but I already knew that from previous freezing experiments. The frosting pretty much tasted the same as it did the day I’d made it two weeks prior.

Other mixes from Pamela’s Products that we enjoy are the Cornbread & Corn Muffin Mix, the Pancake & Baking Mix and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. I use the baking mix for muffins and quick breads and make killer pan bars with of the cookie mix. By the way, muffins, quick bread and cookie bars made with these mixes all freeze really well!

Pamela’s Products offerings and many other baking mix lines are listed in The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide. Let us know what your favorite Pamela’s Products mix is in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Gluten-free Chocolate Cake from Pamela's Passes Taste Test with Flying Colors!”

  1. Pamela’s chocolate brownie mix is supurb! It is totally chocolatey and even has chunks of dark chocolate in it. I use the “butter” recipe.

  2. Pamela’s chocolate brownie mix is supurb! It is totally chocolatey and even has chunks of dark chocolate in it. I use the “butter” recipe.

  3. I agree! unfortunately I don’t buy much of Pamala’s chocolate mixes since my husband can’t eat dark chocolate. I only had the cake mix because I won it. Sometimes when I need to take dessert to share, I’ll make cookie bars from Pamala’s chocolate chip cookie mix – as long as there is something else being served that my husband can have. The cookie bars are out of this world delicous!

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