Photo courtesy of Catherine Oddenino

Photo courtesy of Catherine Oddenino

Fall is the time for chili but many ready-made versions contain gluten in the form of wheat. Many chili mixes and chili spice packs also contain wheat. Amy’s makes some gluten free chili but they are  meat free – not really chili at our house. Shelton’s makes  wonderful ready-made turkey and even chicken chili. I always have those on hand during the cooler months.

If you need a lot of chili for a crowd, it’s fairly expensive to buy canned chili, but it’s easy enough to make your own. If you find a recipe that calls for any flour, you can usually sub out a gluten-free flour mix of your choice. No chili worth eating is going to call for a lot of flour. We use Gluten-Free Pantry flour in soup recipes that call for wheat flour, but plain rice flour will also work.

As always, we searched the gluten-free blogosphere for some great recipes and found quite a few interesting versions for gluten free chili. There is something for everyone here – people who prefer using turkey, vegetarians and even for those who don’t like chili but might enjoy a chili snack mix.

  • Catherine, aka A Gluten-Free Guide, serves up a Three Bean Turkey Chili. I’ve never made any recipe found on Catherine’s blog that wasn’t great!
  • Elana’s Pantry offers a unique twist on turkey chili – made with leftover turkey from the holidays. Now that is what I call inventive!
  • If you like mushrooms in your chili, check out Gluten-Free Easily’s recipe for That Chili with the Mushrooms. This would be a good way to get your kids to unknowingly eat mushrooms I bet – even if you have to puree them to hide them!
  • This basic chili recipe is on GIG’s website. They actually have a very nice collection of gluten-free recipes over there. I’m not sure why I wasn’t aware of this part of their website before now. What a great resource for us all!
  • OK – so let’s say you’re just not a chili person. No problem. Maybe you will enjoy this incredible looking Gluten-free Chili and Garlic Snack Mix from All Recipes (not a gluten-free recipe site). It’s made with gluten-free Chex cereal and we will definitely be making this one soon!

Now that you have your chili recipe, you’ll want some gluten-free cornbread to go with it. Check out our previous post with some great recipes for cornbread.

Let us know if you have a gluten free chili that we should know about.