talenti9pak-w-scoop_thumb_thumbnailGelato is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted, and ever since enjoying it in Italy, I’ve tried to find something as good here at home. I’ve had some decent gelato in the states in NYC, Charleston and San Fransisco, but nothing has really reminded me of what we had in Italy. My favorite was the coconut gelato at the Venice train station. It was creamy shockingly flavorful coconut bliss! My husband chose one mango flavor in Milan and a strawberry one in Rome as his top picks. I think he had gelato twice a day every day of the trip!

We’ve tried packaged gelatos that are imported from Italy but somehow, none of them have been good enough to buy a second time. It was fine that we’d never found any gelato as great as what we’d had in Italy, as I’m afraid we’d have it in the freezer at all times if we did find something fabulous. I’m not an ice cream person so I’m rarely tempted to eat ice cream at home even though my husband almost always it on hand. Great tasting gelato would be a bit more tempting for me to indulge in – no doubt!

The other day, dcuring a gluten-free product sleuthing session at Publix, I discovered a gelato I’ve never heard of. It’s called Talenti and though the name might indicate it’s an Italian product, it is actually made by a company in Texas. I’m glad I didn’t know that before I tasted it as I think it might have skewed my opinion about it. Right on the back of the container was the gluten-free mark, along with the hormone freevegetarian, all natural and earth friendly marks. Seeing all that on the back was enough for me to invest $4.99 for the small container. It turned out to be an incredible investment!

Talenti sorbets and gelatos are all made with the finest ingredients available. You can pronounce every ingredient on the label and will understand what they are as well. Check out this excerpt from their website :

We incorporate the finest ingredients available by importing raw materials from around the world to enhance our recipes.  Talenti gelato uses only freshly pasteurized milk which is free of the growth hormones rBGH and rBST.  Talenti uses only extra fine pure sugar, fresh fruit and nuts straight from the growers, real Callebaut chocolate from Belgium, fresh whole Tahitian vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea, select coconuts from the Philippines, and dulce de leche from Argentina.  Additionally, we roast and caramelize our own nuts, we squeeze our own lemons, and we make our own nut pastes.  No detail is ignored and No shortcuts are taken.  Talenti truly is made with only the best.

The texture of Talenti gelato is not exactly that of gelato in Italy, but it’s pretty close! The richness and flavorful factors of the Caribbean Coconut gelato took me back to the train station in Venice, over six years ago. It is truly a remarkable product – made with the purest of ingredients. Now I have something to worry about – fabulous gelato is around the corner at Publix so I can have it any time I want it!

Have you tried any of the the gluten-free gelatos or sorbets from Talenti before? Next up for me is the Cappucinno, which has bittersweet chocolate pieces in it. To me, that sounds both delightful and decadent!