Treats at Gluten Free Goodie Swap

Treats at Gluten-Free Goodie Swap

The holidays at the end of the year can be quite stressful for anyone. Add a food intolerance to the mix and things can go either way. Things might go perfectly smoothly or they might be horrible during your first gluten-free holiday season. Keep in mind that your attitude about following the gluten-free diet will affect how those around you react to it.

Try to be positive even when you don’t feel that way, at least in the beginning. If family members get the feeling, based on your actions, that being gluten-free is a death sentence, they are much less likely to ever get tested for celiac themselves. Remember, if someone is related to you, they are more at risk of having or developing celiac than the general population.

People who start a gluten-free diet in March are likely to have a smoother time during the holidays than people diagnosed in October for instance. The learning curve for the diet is 6-12 months, depending on the person. That means that a month or two after beginning it, you won’t really have a handle of all the intricacies of the diet. It’s second nature once you learn it, but learning everything you need to know is extremely daunting in the beginning of your gluten-free journey.

Most people fear when they start eating gluten-free, that they will never fully understand what they need to do to remain safe on a daily basis. The chaos that can accompany the holiday season only adds to those insecurities. You can either make all your own food to assure your safety, or trust others to cook for you.

If you don’t want to ask family members about every single ingredient that went into their dishes, you might want to pass on their offerings for your first gluten-free holiday get together. Doing so will enable you to relax and know that your food is safe, making for a less anxious meal all around. You’ll then have have a
whole year to train those interested in learning, how to cook for you next holiday season.

Hopefully some of the recipes and recipe sites we’ve included here can be of help to you this year. Everyone deserves to enjoy the holidays, even if they can’t eat gluten. When it comes to gluten-free holiday recipes and websites where they can be found, the possibilities seem endless. At least this list can get your started.

Karina over at Gluten-Free Goddess is always coming up with something interesting and delicious, as she does here with this pumpkin pie bread recipe. The recipes on this site never disappoint! has a whole bunch of gluten-free cookie and candy recipesto make your goodie swaps a little more fun. Your glutenoid friends will never know the gluten is missing!

These rum balls looks pretty tasty, and seem fairly simple to make. As always, Recipe Zaar has more gluten-free recipes than you could ever read through!

Glutenfreeda has many terrific gluten-free recipes which range from sweets to savory treats. What I like about their site is that they have a rating system explaining the degree of difficulty for each recipe. This is nice for novice cooks like myself. If something is not marked “easy”, I move right along!

Finally, Alison over at Sure Living Foods has a collection of some great holiday recipes from various locals on the net. Many are for people with multiple allergens as well!

Even though it takes extra planning on your part, this time of year can be as delicious and fun as you make it. You can’t control the world full of gluten that we all live in, but you can control your own attitude. Eat gluten-free - enjoy - repeat!