Campbell’s now has a new website, Campbell’s Without Gluten, which lists all their gluten-free products. The site has been up for a while but I kept thinking they were going to add some soups to the list. They used to have about five or so, that did not contain gluten at one time. The new gluten-free product list does not have any soups listed, just in case you have the old list that listed a few of those as gluten-free. The company representative I spoke to said it is possible that some soups might be added to the gluten-free list eventually, as they are under evaulation.

The good news is that all the products listed as gluten-free are now confirmed to be gluten-free. There is no guessing or assuming going on by Campbell’s regarding what is and is not gluten-free in their product lines. We posted an update from Campbell’s about this issue earlier this year.

Some of you might remember that there was a lot of controversy a while back about products from this company. Items in question at the time were certain Pace and Prego products. In fact, quite a ruckus ensued in the gluten-free community over this issue, but it turns out that Campbell’s just wanted to make sure they relayed the most accurate information to consumers. It seems that the company did not know exactly what was gluten-free for a while, so they removed items from their gluten-free listing until they could figure things out.  The company chose to make sure what was and was not gluten-free before sharing the information with consumers. The last thing any company needs to do is guess whether or not something contains gluten – or any other allergen for that matter.

There  are gluten-free items in the following categories:

Campbell’s Tomato Juice / VS Splash Drinks / VS Diet Splash Drinks / V8 Vegetable Juice / V8 V Fusion Drinks / V8 Fusion Smoothies / Swanson Broths and Stocks / Prego Sauces

Here is an excerpt from new website, explaining new company procedures for gluten-free items:

We analyze gluten-free products to ensure compliance with our strict gluten-free standards at the time of initial production. We perform ongoing testing on finished products on a frequency of at least once every six months to assure continued compliance with our gluten-free policy.

We should applaud Campbell’s efforts to take the time to get things right, even though the process took a while. But I’m still waiting for a gluten-free line of soups to be introduced from this company. I just feel sure that gluten-free soups in the red and white cans are on the way! And in the meantime, 25 store brands already sell gluten-free soup and soup mixes, according to the Grocery Guide.