Triumph's Thanksgiving Tips: Part 3, Gluten-Free Pie Crusts

pecanpiePecan pie is the only kind of pie I ever made before my celiac diagnosis. I used my Grandmothers recipe, which turned out to be the one on the bottle of Karo Syrup. It was written on an index card so I thought it was her secret recipe – who knew?! Every year since I was a teen, for Thanksgiving and Christmas I made Pecan pies. It was the only time of year I cooked for the most part since my husband used to be a chef. He did almost all the cooking for the first 16 years of our marriage.

Once I started eating gluten-free, I started dabbling in the kitchen and found out that I actually loved cooking! All those years I’d avoiding doing much in our kitchen but buying pretty things to put in the cabinets – I’m a dish and glassware freak of sorts. Anyway, once I was gluten-free I even started gluten-free baking. It was like an alien had taken over my body. My husband wondered where his wife had gone, no doubt!

So, back to my beloved Pecan pie. I always used a Pet Ritz pie crust for them. I know now that is not a very good crust but I really didn’t know it at the time. It was not until I had excellent gluten-free crusts that I knew how bad the frozen gluten one really was. Even a relative asked why the gluten-free crust was better than the ones I used to make. Now you know it’s really bad when a glutenoid thinks your gluten crust was bad.

My first gluten-free holiday season I used the pie crust mix from Gluten-Free Pantry and it turned out fine. The taste was good but the texture was just a tiny bit ‘sandy’ for me. I use that mix just for savory crusts now and love it for quiche! The next crust I made was from Breads by Anna. That crust contains no rice flour and it is out of this world delicious! It’s super easy to make and you can get two crusts from one bag. I freeze left over dough if I need to and use it up to a month later without issue. The last time I made a pie crust I used the Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix. The Pie Crust recipe on the website was easy to make, easy to handle and delicious!

You can make your own pie crust with your own flour blend, of course. But life is short and even though I love cooking and baking, I don’t want to be tied to the kitchen any more than necessary. I use mixes whenever I can and find that doing so is not much more expensive than using a home made flour mix. If you live where prices are sky high, you can probably save a good deal of money making your own flour. Here, it’s almost impossible to do that. Whether you make your own crust or use a mix, you might find this previous post about pie crusts helpful as well. Enjoy your holiday pies this season and make sure to share them with the glutenoids in your life!

Stay tuned for the next Thanksgiving tip, everyone’s favorite, stuffing!

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  1. I prefer making my crust these days but if I have to buy a crust, I’ll take the Gluten Free Bakehouse one over any others!

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