Don’t Forget the Gluten-free Chex Party Mix!

chexoriginalr6709fpBefore gluten-free Corn and Rice Chex came along, we used Health Valley Chex-type cereals to make gluten-free Chex-like party mix. Health Valley Corn and Rice Crunch’Ems cereals are gluten-free but are not marked as such. Rice Chex and Corn Chex cereals (and four other flavors) are now gluten-free and are marked as such.

chexpizzar45854fpWe use the traditional Chex party mix recipe from the General Mills website – omitting the bagel chips and the Wheat Chex, of course. But there are many versions of this fabulous savory holiday snack and the Chex website lists some pretty creative ones. There are many sweet treat options as well!

  • These Honey-Peanut Butter Bars look pretty terrific!
  • How about a Chex Cookie Pizza? It’s so festive looking too!
  • Check out this Chex recipe that includes cranberries which are very healthy. With this treat we can feel good about our snack indulgences!

The Chex website has both gluten containing and gluten-free recipes. If you are new to the gluten-free diet, you might want to stick to the gluten-free options. It’s easy to convert recipes to be gluten-free, once you’re been around the gluten-free block – so to speak.

No matter what Chex party mix you make, no one will ever know it’s gluten-free – unless you tell them. In the case of Chex cereals, the reformulated gluten-free versions were perfected until gluten eaters could not tell the difference between the original version and the new gluten-free one. The Health Valley Corn and Rice Crunch’ems taste pretty much like the Chex cereals to us. In most markets, the Chex cereals cost less than the Health Valley products – another plus to using Chex products.

We use Glutino twisted pretzels in our Chex party mix but sesame pretzels from Ener-G also work well. Sometimes we add peanuts and sometimes we don’t. I love nuts in everything and my husband does not. Therefore, I take turns putting nuts in brownies, cookies and Chex mix. The homemade snack mix runs circles around the gluten version in a bag. In fact, the difference is like night and day to us and everyone we share it with. No matter which recipe you use, it’s a super easy and extremely delicious snack to make.

Once you’re party mix is made, let it completely cool before storing it in an airtight container. We use a large tin for ours and it stays fresh for at least a week. However, it is usually gone either the day it’s made or the day after. The Original Chex party mix is highly addictive if you like savory snacks and I’ll choose something savory over something sweet any day of the week!

Enjoy your Chex party mix this holiday season – savory or sweet. Since it’s the season of giving – remember to share it with the glutenoids in your life – no matter how much you want to keep it all for yourself! With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I am truly thankful for all the delicious gluten-free products available these days. And I’m pretty sure there are many more to come!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Gluten-free Chex Party Mix!”

  1. I am a little confused, hope you can clarify. Above you indicate using the traditional chex mix recipe omitting the wheat chex and bagel chips. The traditional chex mix recipe, however, also includes Worcestershire sauce which is not gluten free (as far as i know). I followed link after link trying to get to the traditional chex mix recipe ‘doctored’ as above with no wheat chex, bagel chips and worcestershire sauce but find no such recipe. Am I just not finding a specific traditional recipe as described (if so please provide that link) or is there a now a gluten free worcestershire sauce?

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