Gluten-free Cupcakes Delivered on a Truck!

cupcakestoplogoCan you imagine being able to buy a gluten-free cupcake from a truck – like one would buy ice cream on busy city streets? Normally I’d say I could not imagine it but when I found out this incredible privilege is for the New York gluten-free set – it all made sense. In NYC, the gluten-free products and dining out options will have your head spinning. The list of wonderful places to eat and massive selection of products to buy is truly overwhelming.

One of the gluten-free jewels of the Big Apple is a little bakery in Brooklyn that ships their fabulous food all over the U.S. So it’s no surprise that the gluten-free cupcakes on the cupcake truck are from that bakery. Everybody Eats makes many fine products but the stand out items for us are their incredible pizzas, French baguettes, ravioli and famous sticky buns! It’s not that common to find a gluten-free replacement food that is better than the gluten item it’s trying to replace but the gang at Everybody Eats accomplished just that with their sticky buns. The decadent treat is better than anything you’ll find at T.J. Cinnamon’s or Cinnabon – no doubt! We have never had the cupcakes from the bakery but I’m betting they are delectable!

cupcakeumbnailjpgThe CupcakeStop in NYC offers gluten treats but the gluten-free cupcakes are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Right now there are only two flavors of gluten-free cupcakes offered. If demand becomes high enough for other flavors, they may look into offering other selections. The CupcakeStop truck roams the Big Apple and even has a real time feed on their website so that customers know when they truck is in their area. How fun would that be to walk up to a truck and buy a gluten-free cupcake?  I wish I could to go NYC just to get a cupcake from a truck…those gluten-free New Yorkers have it made in the shade I tell you!

Excerpt from CupcakeStop website:

It’s a well known fact that New Yorkers are always on the go. At CupcakeStop, we believe that despite this, everyone deserves to indulge themselves with a gourmet snack. That’s why we decided to take our delectable cupcakes, baked fresh daily from the highest quality ingredients, and load them onto New York’s first mobile cupcake shoppe.

Check the Everybody Eats website to find out which of their products might be sold near you. Many things are available for online purchasing, but not all. Their ravioli is some of the best you’ll ever have – regardless of ingredients. If you need a dairy and gluten-free treat or special occasion cake, contact the bakery directly. They recently made a gluten-free cake for 400 attendees at a Columbia Celiac Disease Center event. Now that’s a lot of cake!

Make sure to get your Everybody Eats gluten-free cupcakes from the CupcakeStop truck if you’re in the NYC area! Special thanks to the gang at Everybody Eats for always trying to up their game and think outside the box. Your fans are very thankful for you this holiday season!

Special thanks to Catherine – aka A Gluten-Free Guide for the CupcakeStop info!

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