Last week the gluten-free blogosphere was abuzz with the news about Dr. Oz doing a show about celiac disease this week (Dec. 10th). Check your local listings for air times in your area. Though it’s exciting that celiac is getting some much needed publicity in the mainstream media, one can only hope that accurate information will be shared in the program. According to Nancy Lapid at, the guests include Dr. Peter Green and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Unfortunately, many times when gluten-free news hits the airwaves, misinformation is spread along with some correct information. Since Dr. Green is a world renowned celiac expert, the medical part of the program should be entirely accurate.

It would be nice if Shelley Case was going to be on Dr. Oz’s show this week but if she is, she’s keeping it quiet. Thanks to Erin over at Gluten-Free Fun for posting the news about the show. Dr. Green is a wonderful celiac expert, which is why I recommend everyone get his book about the condition. However, the perfect show about celiac for me would include Danna Korn, Shelley Case, Dr. Alessio Fasano and Dr. Cynthia Rudert.

Dr. Fasano (from the Center for Celiac Research) who got the celiac disease ball rolling when he arrived in this country (from Italy) and discovered that the U.S. doctors didn’t think many people here had celiac. Since our country has what is called a high gluten containing diet, Dr. Fesano knew there was a problem. The amazing work he has done is something we all owe him a debt of gratitude for, no doubt!

Dr. Rudert can explain that many doctors in the U.S. still know very little about celiac disease and gluten intolerance. If she ever wants to quit medicine and work as a stand up comediane she could totally do it! She’s quite funny when explaining how many of her patients finally arrive in her office. The stories of so many doctors missing their celiac symptoms might not seem like they could be funny but Dr. Rudert’s delivery makes it so – trust me!

Shelley Case, author of The Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide, can speak to the factual information regarding the gluten-free diet. Among other things, she can cover alcohol and maybe kill that celiac myth that we have to drink potato vodka. Danna can add some anecotal stories about how to be careful when traveling with baggies of gluten-free pancake mix. In some countries the white powery substance can keep you in security longer than you want to be there. Danna’s books will have anyone who reads them understanding that a fun gluten-free life is absolutely possible!

We’ll all have to tune in and see the Dr. Oz show but any publicity is likely good for us at this point. As usual, if any incorrect info is shared (say, about the gluten-free lifestyle) it will be corrected in the gluten-free blogsphere the minute the show is over – or even before the final credits run. Speaking of blogs, it’s fabulous that Shauna Ahern James (aka Gluten Free Girl) is featured on but I’d really love to see her and Danny on Oprah’s show!

If you’re able to catch the Dr. Oz show this Thursday, consider posting your comments about it below – thanks!