PLEASE Comment – Let's Make Sure General Mills Stays on the Right Track!

General Mills now has a over 200 gluten-free products, and more importantly, they’re actually labeling them “Gluten Free.” Let’s make sure that this isn’t just a market test. Leave your comment on our blog and let General Mills know that we appreciate what they’re doing. The more vocal we are, the more likely it is that they will keep — and even expand — their gluten-free labeling.

General Mills brands that are being labeled gluten-free include Fruit Roll-Ups, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Progresso Soups, Larabar and Chex. Our eagle-eyed editors actually noticed that Yoplait has been labeling gluten-free versions of its yogurts as such for over a year now. But this is the first time that we know of that Yoplait has also published its gluten-free list. Click here for the full list of General Mills’ gluten-free products. Don’t forget to also check the ingredient label for the “Gluten Free” phrase before buying.

We hope other large food companies will follow suite soon. We’ve seen Kool-Aid packets, a Kraft brand, that are labeled gluten-free,  does that mean a Kraft gluten-free list is soon to follow? We can only hope!

On a personal note, this is such big news because it’s the first time a large “mainstream” company is giving a straight answer on which for their products are gluten-free. By now, we’re all used to the big-company-run-around answer to “is it gluten-free?” The phone rep reads from their script: “As the FDA has not yet issued a ruling defining the term gluten-free, we cannot confirm that a product is gluten-free. We advise you to carefully read labels each time that you buy our product. We also recommend that you consult your physician if … [insert eye roll here – I mean, really, who consults their physician on their choice of cereal!].” General Mills is not only publishing their gluten-free list online, but also labeling their products gluten-free! How refreshing.

As the publishers of The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, we understand the importance of reading labels. But we would love to see easy-to-read labels like this. Our guide takes 3 full-time people over a thousand hours to research and edit. Gluten-free should not be that hard. Let’s thank General Mills for going this extra mile, and actually making it easy for us to make shopping choices.

Leave a comment below, and we’ll forward them on to General Mills’ marketing department. We hope that the other big food companies will do the same, and soon!

122 thoughts on “PLEASE Comment – Let's Make Sure General Mills Stays on the Right Track!”

  1. I have been on a gluten-free diet for almost 13 years and I thought this day would never come. Have one of the large manufacturers get ‘on board’ with gluten-free labeling is such a monumental step. I hope it pushes the other large manufacturers in the right direction.

  2. I have been on a gluten-free diet for almost 13 years and I thought this day would never come. Have one of the large manufacturers get ‘on board’ with gluten-free labeling is such a monumental step. I hope it pushes the other large manufacturers in the right direction.

  3. All 5 of my kids needed a gluten free diet so my husband and I are too. I’m so happy to be able to buy convenience mixes at any grocery store instead of going to specialty stores and paying twice as much.

  4. All 5 of my kids needed a gluten free diet so my husband and I are too. I’m so happy to be able to buy convenience mixes at any grocery store instead of going to specialty stores and paying twice as much.

  5. We can’t even express how happy we are with General Mills and their products. To see “Gluten Free” saves so much time…just grab a box and go….especially their Chex products. We each Rice Chex etc for breakast,
    evening snacks etc. Please check out the new site – – where Chex is one of the breakfasts being offered.

  6. We can’t even express how happy we are with General Mills and their products. To see “Gluten Free” saves so much time…just grab a box and go….especially their Chex products. We each Rice Chex etc for breakast,
    evening snacks etc. Please check out the new site – – where Chex is one of the breakfasts being offered.

  7. General Mills has done what I have only dreamed about. When I see “gluten free” on a package, I buy it. Thank you for Rice & Corn Chex and all the other products that have followed. Those of us with Celiac Sprue and anyone who has to watch for wheat in products are very grateful.

  8. Thank you General Mills for clearly marking your products as “gluten-free.” This is such a great help when grocery shopping to see it printed right on the label. I always look at General Mills products first when deciding which product to buy. Thank you also for making so many Chex cereal choices available gluten-free. Now, can you make these available in the travel-size boxes? That would be wonderful – especially for kids – they could easily grab a box and eat after school on the way to sporting events, or other after-school activities and for vacations. Thank You!

  9. I don’t know what they have done, but I served the Betty Crocker cake and brownies to my family and they never knew they were eating my Gluten Free frood! And to be able to go to the supermarket and have them right there on the shelves and not cost more, is such a savings, a joy to eat and great gift to all who have Celiac Disease. General Mills, we can’t thank you enough for your dedication and your fantastic products.

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My son and I are new to the gluten free diet and your labeling of your products makes shopping and eating so much easier. I now look for your products first in the store.

  11. It is wonderful to have things listed as gluten free from a company as familiar and available at so many so stores as General Mills!

    Thank you! I love the fact that I can still enjoy cereals that I have always enjoyed!

  12. This is such great news. Finally General Mills has come into the future. I’ve tried a few of the new GF cake/dessert mixes, and, they’re pretty good. I’m excited that there are more GF items popping up in the marketplace.

  13. Thank you for simplifying your labeling. I appreciate the 200 products you offer, and think your new label takes a lot of guesswork out of shopping. While not allergic to gluten, i do my best to avoid it if there is a good alternative.

  14. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you General Mills for making Gluten free items and for clearly marking them. This makes it soooo much easier when grocery shopping. I wll look for your items first!!!

  15. I’ve been GF for almost 30 years, and the accelerating rate of change in the marketplace is outstanding. thank you, general mills, for showing that it’s really not that hard to know and control the ingredients in your products, for responding to consumer requests, and for blazing the trail for other large food producers to do the same.



    My Dad is Gluten Intolerant, and we have lamented in getting decently priced, quality Gluten free products at our grocery stores for years! Now, we not only have a great variety, but at great prices! And candidly, on the Cheks cereals – we think the Gluten Free varieties are even better tasting than the non-gluten free! The whole family has switched to them!

    GREAT JOB! Please keep it up! You had us at GLUTEN FREE!

  17. Diagnosed with celiac this year, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and love your new GF cake mixes! I feel like I’ve been saved. Keep it up the good work.

  18. Thanks to General Mills my husband can now enjoy several cereals. I have even made several of the gluten free snack mixes. When I served them to our friends, they asked for the recipe and didn’t know they were gluten free. THANKS!

  19. Big thanks to General Mills for saving me so much time in the grocery store (NOT having to read an ingredients list) and saving me money to boot!

  20. My daughter and I have Celiac Disease and really appreciate the efforts General Mills has made to label foods Gluten Free. It helps us and it helps all our friends and family who would like to feed us, but don’t have a library shelf of books to explain what is “allowed” on the gluten free diet. There really are a lot of us out here, and we will purchase General Mills products. Thank you!!

  21. Thanks to General Mills and their new Betty Crocker GF mixes. I’ve been using them to take goodies to potlucks – if I know there are other GF people, I’ll lable them so they know they can have a safe treat. If not. . . nobody has to know they are GF, they are so good!

  22. Many, many years ago, I went to college on a Betty Crocker scholarship. Thus, I always tried to buy Betty Crocker products. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I was dismayed that I could no longer use those products. Congratulations for adding a gluten-free line–and it tastes really good! You can be sure that I will now return to being a loyal Betty Crocker and General Mills customer.

  23. Thank you so much for your gluten free products, and especially your new labelling practices. It makes it so much easier, especially if I need to send someone else shopping for me!

  24. It’s wonderful that General Mills has begun labeling products gluten free. Like most people I sometimes rush through the grocery store and I definitely look for gluten free on the products I pick up. I am much more likely to purchase them than those products in which I have to read each and every ingredient. Thanks so much for the gluten free Chex cereals. They have been a life saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Huge kudos to General Mills for being a leader in Gluten Free labeling! This not only makes life easier for me (with Celiac Disease), but makes it easier for friends and family who wouldn’t otherwise know what was safe. Keep up the good work, GM!

  26. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 its SOOOOO much easier to shop now with to small kids in tow. i personally think all food shoudl be labled gf or not gf but this is a start!!

  27. Thank you General Mills! You’ve given me a Christmas present that will last all year and for every year thereafter! KUDOS. Those of us who have to travel to health food stores or expensive chains are so grateful to be able to find good GF choices at our regular grocery chains. Bless you!

  28. Thank you General Mills. We do a lot of traveling and it is difficult sometimes to find health food stores or grocery chains that cater to the Celiac. Also, it makes it so much easier for friends and family to know what is safe to prepare when inviting a Celiac to eat! Bless you!

  29. This has been the best find since going gluten free 3 years ago. The biggest thing I had problems giving up was my Crispix cereal. Now, I have rice & corn Chex! I actually prefer to combine corn Chex with Honey Nut Chex! Yummy! I can have my comfort food again! I thank you from the bottom of my gluten free heart!

  30. This is sooo awesome! Everytime I see a gf label I get so excited!
    Thank you so much, when you take the time to put on your labels gf we will definately take the extra effort to buy your products.

  31. Thankyou for coming up with more gluten free products, and making them affordable……….please continue………. wish more companies would get on board with gf products

  32. Wow!!! I’m so excited. I have been on this diet for 32 years. It’s come along way, baby! Thank you so much for making it easier for us to shop and not worry about the products we buy. Way to go!

  33. I found out of my condition 7 years ago, in the last stages of muscle wasting, i almost died. Even 7 years ago, gluten free was hardly heard of. Now its so common,it seems everyone knows someone with celiac(one out of every one hundred people)
    I was so excited when i got word of your chex cerial i ran out and got some! thank you SO MUCH!! Betty crocker now has gluten free too and thats exciting too. Again, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Tip of the hat to General Mills for being on the forefront of introducing gluten-free foods in the mainstream food industry. Out of five siblings in my family, four of us have celiac, along with two children. Since I was diagnosed three years ago, I’ve had at least four friends diagnosed, along with a second cousin. The numbers of people being diagnosed are going to greatly increase in the United States due to awareness. Congratulations on being an integral part of this increased awareness. Your gluten-free cereals are excellent, and the cake mixes and on-line recipes are delicous as well. People talk, and they will be talking about General Mills. Thank you for making our lives much easier.

  35. I have been eating Chex cereal, especially the corn, since they became gluten-free. I am glad that General Mills is marking all of their gluten-free products with that label. It gives me a feeling of confidence when I see that.

  36. I just want to say THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU for choosing to give us options we can trust! We spend enough time in the grocery store as it is, so to give us this extra boost, we may be able to spend just a little bit less time shopping and a bit more time at home with our loved ones!

  37. What you are doing for people with Celiac Disease is life changing. I cannot thank you enough for your support and help to increase awareness! My family will support your company 100% in your efforts!

  38. Amazing. Thank you Thank you. Now I don’t mean to be picky but can you buy these products in Canada. I haven’t found them yet but I am still looking.

  39. I and my four daughters have all been gluten free for the last two years. Let me tell you, this is AWESOME that General Mills is leading the way for big manufacturers to start labeling gluten free. My twin sis and I noticed the Progresso soup labels just a couple weeks ago and we were ecstatic! Having the Yoplait labeled also makes it very easy to get yogurt..and they are also one of the most affordable yogurts too! (and the best tasting, IMHO) I sure hope other manufacturers start to do the same. It is a small thing by them that makes a HUGE difference to us, their customers and the lives of Celiacs everywhere.

  40. General Mills is doing themselves a favor by labeling their gluten free products. Diagnosed with celiac disease 4 years ago, I am constantly checking the labels, and I am so delighted when I see gluten free actually on the label. I already enjoy the Chex cereals and Progresso soups that are gluten free, and will be trying some of the other General Mills products. We certainly appreciate what General Mills has done.

  41. Bravo, General Mills! And what’s so special is that these products are right on the shelves with the “normal” food and you don’t have to go to some hidden corner of the store to find them!

  42. Thank you General Mills!!
    I have had Celiac disease for five years and have always been wary of products that did not have the “gluten free” label printed on them. Now I can rest assured that your quaility products are safe and taste great! I will keep buying General Mills products!

  43. THANK YOU! I just went gluten free in treatment of Celiac Disease and while VERY overwhelmed on my first trip to the grocery store my husband saw the “gluten free” label on many of your products and we were so happy to find labels marked instead of searching through ingredient lists.

  44. This is AWESOME! Thank you, General Mills, for labeling your items gluten-free. Those of us with Celiac Disease can again buy your products! Good for you and us. I, too, am also tired of shopping specialty stores and paying 2 and 3 times as much money. THANK YOU!

  45. I’ve been loyal to Betty Crocker/General Mills for fifty years and it is wonderful to see that I can continue to use so many of their products without risk of getting sick. Thank you, General Mills.

  46. With 1% of the population suffering from wheat & gluten intolerance, it is refreshing to see a manufacturer like General Mills with some vision of the current and future needs of such a large segment of our population. Hopefully, other manufacturers will learn from this innovation. The payoff could be very big for those that participate.

  47. As a long-time Celiac, I thought cocoa processed with Alkali was considered
    to be gluten, not gluten-free. Is the information I have on this incorrect??

    Thanks, Diane

  48. Please, please, please keep up the fantastic work in creating gluten-free. It is so hard to get bakery items in particular that also taste good. Thank you.

  49. Clearly showing GLUTEN FREE as a stand out statement, not only makes products easier to identify for those millions who MUST maintain a Gluten free diet, but it helps General Mills recognize the importance of the GF labeling, not only wheat. For us GF folks, it makes shopping much easier. For GM, they sell more and identify a market which has been underserved all too long. THANK YOU for mainstreaming GLUTEN FREE.

  50. Clearly showing GLUTEN FREE as a stand out statement, not only makes products easier to identify for those millions who MUST maintain a Gluten Free diet, but it helps General Mills recognize the importance of the GF labeling, not only wheat. For us GF folks, it makes shopping easier. For GM, they sell more and identify a market which has been underserved all too long. THANK YOU for mainstreaming GLUTEN FREE.

  51. After being diagnosed with celiac disease in April, I have had a difficult time ascertaining the foods that I can safely eat. It is funny to me how excited I get when I am reading a label at the grocery store and find “gluten free” at the end of the ingredients list. It is wonderful to have companies like General Mills who are doing their best to make eating and cooking meals easier for us. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  52. Thanks to General Mills for making so many items gluten-free AND for labeling it so clearly on the ingredients list. This is so helpful and I applaud them for doing so – it will make many lives so much better!

  53. I am sooo happy to see a MAJOR mainstream food manufacturer as General Mills printing GLUTEN FREE on applicable food product labels. They are at the head of the line for what will surely be a norm in the not-to-distant future. For the first time since my celiac diagnosis 6 years ago I can go back to shopping the aisles of a grocery store instead of circling the perimeter for gluten free food! Thank you General Mills from the bottom of my heart! (or should I say gluten free gut?)

  54. Thank you so much for making more available products for celiac and gluten sensitive sufferers. I hope to see more products from you!

  55. Thank you very, very much for marking products Gluten Free. Because of this I have been buying the Chex cereals and will continue to do so. It’s tough shopping gluten-free and clearly marking it on your boxes helps tremendously.

  56. I was so happy to find a ‘regular’ cereal is now GF – needless to say I’m eating a lot of Chex these days (and making Chex mix treats.) And the General Mills baking mixes are really good. My non-GF teen daughter loves the choco-chip cookes, and I love them even more. Thank you GM, and don’t stop, please!!!

  57. Thank You General Mills! Makes it so much easier to shop to see that. I read the labels of every thing I buy if isn’t marked gluten free, takes so much longer that way.

  58. Having packaging marked gluten free helps my family and friends feel more confident in the care and feeding of “me”. This is always a big issue for them, no matter how much I tell them not to worry.

    My family thanks you and I thank you.

  59. I am so very grateful to General Mills for switching product ingredients in their cereals to be gluten free and labeling all the products that are gluten free. Knowing a product is gluten free so that I don’t have to guess or call the 800 number from the grocery store or give another item to the food bank is wonderful! I printed the list from the website and take it with me while shopping. This is so very important to the 9 members of my family that must eat gluten free. We all travel with Chex cereals and Progresso soups in our luggage!

  60. Thanks, General Mills! It makes things so much easier for the gluten-free community when companies label their products gluten-free.

  61. It’s great to know that you label you products gluten free. It takes me hours to shop just trying to find a label on anything! Thank you!!

  62. It is great what General Mills is doing with labeling foods gluten free and providing list of all their gluten free products. Hopefully other companies will follow suit!!

  63. My 14 year old son has Celiac Sprue which has limited him to very expensive, heavy, gritty baked foods. When we found out Betty Crooker had Glutten free cakes, cookies and brownies we thought okay lets try one more time. WOW the cake was yummy. For the first time our whole family enjoyed a Birthday cake with my son. We cant wait for more yummy low priced Gluten free products from them.

  64. Thank you General Mills. My family is newly gluten-free and your products have been great. I love that I don’t have to read the ingredients or contact the manufacturer. Keep labeling your gluten-free items and please make more!

  65. Thank you, General Mills! I am just starting on a gluten-free diet and it’s tough work reading every last ingredient on every single product. Your gluten-free labeling is a God-send. I already use many General Mills brands, so knowing which are gluten-free is really wonderful in this transition. Please know that this labeling helps me find, select, and PURCHASE your products, and will likely guarantee that I’ll keep purchasing them, too. Please, keep up the good work!

  66. Thank you General Mills for making so many products gluten-free! Especially the Chex cereals! Keep up the good work.

  67. I am so excited to see all the new gluten free products coming out from General Mills. I especially love the chocolate cookie mix, brownie mix, and both choco and yellow cake mixes. They taste very close to wheat products.

    I hope you keep adding new products. The items I miss the most are buns – hamb and hotdog plus good rolls and bread.

    Thanks again.

  68. I am so ecstatic that there are so many tasty GF products! We have a 6 year old celiac and greatly appreciate all of these great products!!! THANK YOU!

  69. Thanks General Mills. Your effort to make a gluten free diet easier will be rewarded. I know in my household with two members that need a gluten free diet and two that don’t I have shifted to bringing more gluten free food into my home. Which means more General Mills products. Seems only fair to reward the companies that are supportive.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your produces go GF. There is an untapped market out there someone is finally smart enough to take the plunge. THANKS!!!!!

  70. The new gluten-free labeling AND the change to the product lines has won General Mills a new, faithful life-long customer. Thank you! My family certainly appreciates their commitment to providing these products. I did the Happy Dance in the cereal aisle the first time I saw the Gluten Free labeling on the box of Rice Chex. Now, if you could just get Costco to carry these products……

  71. Gluten free Chex Party Mix was one of the first snack/travel foods that I made for my then 3 yr old daughter. She is now 7 and it is still a favorite. Her 14 yr old sister was tested this summer and also found to have a gluten allergy, so now they munch on it together. My sister in law has just decided to go gluten free after many years of “chronic fatigue syndrome”, and “IBS”. She was so excited when I told her that Rice Chex is gluten free, she said it’s her favorite cereal! Please keep doing what you’re doing, I don’t think you can even imagine what a huge difference this makes in so many peoples lives.

  72. Can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for those who are affected by Celiac disease. Until it hits home, one has no idea what is involved with trying to live a “glutten free” life. Thank you General Mills, for helping to make my dear sister’s life a little easier to get through this difficult transition. You can be assured, General Mills will be the first product I look for too.

  73. Thanks to General Mills for their Gluten Free labelling! Much appreciate having the options they have for their yummy cereals. Since I and my family are also dairy intolerant, we really like to see that labelling as well. Keep up the good work GM.

  74. Thank you so much for making my shopping easier with your gluten free product labels. Looking forward to buying lots of Betty Crocker, Progresso soups and Chex cereals!

  75. Thanks, General Mills, for keeping the neighborhood grocery stores celiac-friendly places to shop. What a relief and treat it is to find the nostalgic brands I grew up with actually labeled gluten free and made with the care needed for that label. You have won me over as a lifetime customer.

  76. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s been a year and a half since I found out I’m intolerant to gluten, and that learning curve of shopping challenges in a small rural area, it’s wonderful news that I can now find alot more items at my local market. For Christmas my aunt gave me a gift bag of your items that are now in the market, and I’m loving the Chex and cake/brownie mixes my husband can’t tell the difference in taste. Thanks again.

  77. Thank you so very much for making the changes to these foods as I have a 8yr son with Celiac Sprue and the honey nut chex is a fav of his and the whole family .we buy 4-6 boxes at a time (breakfast and snacks).Our whole family is on the gluten/casine free diet with him and all 4 of us are healthier for it .
    we also have tried the betty crocker gluten free cakes mixes for my daughters 15th bday and the cak was wonderful.

  78. With three family members on gluten free diets, our grocery bill has gone up. We have one child who is particularly sensitive to trace glutens so we have been afraid to take a chance on foods that are not specifically labeled gluten free. Thank you so much to General Mills for making this challenging genetic disposition a little easier to swallow!

  79. Thank you General Mills for making your cereal and soups so that I can have them. It was so wonderful to visit the “normal” cereal aisle and find something for me. I have tried the baking mixes too and they are wonderful and it takes so much stress off of my family. Now they don’t have to go to a different store to make a yummy cake for me. We all eat the same cake/cookies/brownies now. I have Celiac so you have a life long customer here. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

  80. I am loyal to companies that outwardly show they are concerned for the consumer, especially regarding gluten free labeling. Please continue to label your gluten free products as such. Perhaps if you continue, other companies will follow – and then you can claim to be “an industry leader.”

  81. It makes sense to offer gluten free products in light of the fact that 1 of 130 people have Celiac disease. I enjoy your products and salute your leadership.

  82. You have made our lives so much easier. My son has had a few things with gluten (unknownly) and now will eat only if it is labeled gluten free. He esp. loves your honey nut Chex..Please continue your gluten free products. More and more people are finally getting diagnosed as there is more awareness. Progresso soups (esp, cream of mushroom) have helped with meals.

  83. You have made our lives so much easier. My son has had a few things with gluten (unknowingly) and now will eat only if it is labeled gluten free. He esp. loves your honey nut Chex..Please continue your gluten free products. More and more people are finally getting diagnosed as there is more awareness. Progresso soups (esp, cream of mushroom) have helped with meals.

  84. Thankyou so much for your products that are gluten free…………… what a difference it makes when shopping , and to know there is more selection out there in the regular food stores……….
    Thanks again…………….

  85. It’s darn cold here in Massachusetts. To click open a can of nice warm soup is just the greatest. Everything you’ve done is just the greatest for anyone suffering from Celiac Disease. Thank-you a million times over.

  86. General Mills – We love you! Thank you so much for making our life a little easier. It’s so nice to find foods we can eat at normal prices. My poor son is in college and doesn’t have the extra money it cost to buy gluten-free from the speciality stores. You are a gift!


  87. General Mills ~ Thank you very much for ALL of your gluten-free choices. My daughter (7 yrs) and I both have Celiac disease and are so thrilled to be eating your cereals once again. We just bought Kix for the first time in a very, very long time. My daughter cheered in the store! I can’t express how much we appreciate all that you are doing to help make a gluten-free life more main stream.


  88. General Mills is doing a great service for all those out there who must have gluten free foods.
    We hope you will keep up this great needy work.’
    Thank you very much. My family is looking forward to the day that you can add vitamins and minerals to your cereals for an added health boost for all gluten free people.
    God Bless and keep up the good work. We all will live easier because of your efforts.

  89. Thank you so much for these products. My 17 year old daughter was just diagnosed with celiacs disease…just having a few Betty Crocker products that tasted as good (if not better) than the “real deal” that she’d grown up with, made it all that much easier for her… Please keep on growing and expanding your products and thank you also for labeling products so we gluten free folk don’t have to search, look on line and consult multitudes of blogs just to find the answers! Bless you!!!

  90. I always loved Rice Chex even before I was diagnosed with Celiac. I tried for the first time this week the Cinnamon Chex and it was AWESOME! Better than cinnamon toast crunch imo! What makes it even better is not having to read the label b/c it’s right there on the front of the box. Thank you so much!

  91. General Mills, Thanks for starting to introduce more products for celiacs. My teenage daughter feels more normal when she can eat the same kind of food her friends are. Please continue to add more products that we can enjoy and help her feel like every other teen her age. Also, extra thanks for the :GLUTEN FREE: labeling. It helps save time while at the grocery store.

  92. Thanks so much for the great improvement in supplying gluten free food.

    I love the easy to spot “Gluten Free” on the Chex box and other foods.

    Easier labeling makes out food search so much easier.

  93. Thank you so much for all of your delicious gluten free foods! My daughter and I love your baking mixes and have tried several of the recipes. Finally a snack that she can bring to school that everyone loves that she can eat too! I eat Chex cereal almost every morning and have also tried several of the recipes with these and love them. Thank you so much for your efforts-they make life for those on a gluten free diet much easier and tastier too!

  94. I stopped eating cereal until your Chex line went GF. Now I am eating it again and enjoying it! The other GF cereals are (1) lacking taste and (2) way to overpriced. Now if you would package some of your Chex snack mixes GF ….
    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  95. I am very appreciative that General Mills has provided so many gluten-free options and created such clear labeling. It is wonderful, especially in this economy, to have “main stream” food options at “normal food” prices.

  96. To PR Dept,

    Thanks so much for stepping up and labeling and creating the gluten free products. It makes it so much easier shopping and cooking. Our granddaughter is a celiac so the whole family is trying to learn about it, and it’s very helpful to us.

  97. Since going gluten-free there have been a lot of foods I felt I was missing out on… until Chex cereal and your brownie mix came along! Thanks General Mills!

  98. Thank you General Mills! You have made my life so much easier by labeling your products as gluten free. Reading the lists of ingredients is not only time-consuming, it is very confusing. Having the little gluten free listing at the end of the ingredients is a god-send. Also your Betty Crocker mixes and frostings have added so much to my life as I can now enjoy a sweet treat occasionally that actually tastes good! Please keep up the good work. I am promoting your products to others out there. Word of mouth and all that . . . .

  99. I’m LOVIN” General Mills’ gluten free foods!!! They are making it easier for this mommy to go shopping. Add to it the fact they they are part of the Boxtops for Education program. I look forward to the other foods that they will be available to my daughter.

  100. I am so happy about General Mill’s attention to those of us who cannot eat gluten. We have tried every flavor of the GF Chex cereals, and settled on our favorites. I try to buy one of the GF Betty Crocker mixes at every new store I see them at, just to let the store know that the customer does want that product. I love to buy foods that are labeled gluten-free, especially as I get older and it’s harder to see the tiny print of the ingredients list! :)

  101. Thank u for all the information and to the manufacturers of Gluten Free food. I live in Canada and I am still trying to source out what I can and cannot eat. So the information is very helpful. If you have any further suggestions on Suppliers in Canada that will be appreciated.Here we have Neilsons Gluten Free Ice Cream…. it is great.

  102. Betty Crocker has done so much for me. Tthought I would never again eat desserts or cereals. I love the taste of all you chez cereals. i loved chez mix at Christmas time. It was definitely an added bonus. I’ve tried so many different recipes with your gluten free cookies, brownies and cake mixes. Most fasinating facts is all my friends that are nit gluten like them just as much as I do.Sometimes it is hard to share. Thank yuou so much for making my life livable and happy!

  103. Dear General Mills-
    Just wanted to thank you for helping gluten free go mainstream. It is so wonderful to go to the regular grocery store for a few basic staple cereals and not pay through the nose. We also love your GF brownie mix- in fact, although I am the only one diagnosed with celiac disease, my family prefers that mix to a regular one. Thanks for taking the time to make sure that gluten free doesn’t mean taste free! Keep up the AWESOME work!

  104. THANK YOU FOR CARING ENOUGH TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR FOODS! We are normal people with special diets, nothing more. I was a HUGE cereal eater and was devastated when I was diagnosed. No more cereal. Thanks to General MIlls, great tasting cereals are now back in my daily diet. And how about gluten free Bisquick? Being gluten free is getting better every day, thanks to GM. General Mills Rocks!

  105. General Mills,
    Thank you for increasing your gluten free options. I’ve encouraged my friends and family to patronize your company even more. Keep up the good work!
    M Schlabach

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