General Mills now has a over 200 gluten-free products, and more importantly, they’re actually labeling them “Gluten Free.” Let’s make sure that this isn’t just a market test. Leave your comment on our blog and let General Mills know that we appreciate what they’re doing. The more vocal we are, the more likely it is that they will keep — and even expand — their gluten-free labeling.

General Mills brands that are being labeled gluten-free include Fruit Roll-Ups, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Progresso Soups, Larabar and Chex. Our eagle-eyed editors actually noticed that Yoplait has been labeling gluten-free versions of its yogurts as such for over a year now. But this is the first time that we know of that Yoplait has also published its gluten-free list. Click here for the full list of General Mills’ gluten-free products. Don’t forget to also check the ingredient label for the “Gluten Free” phrase before buying.

We hope other large food companies will follow suite soon. We’ve seen Kool-Aid packets, a Kraft brand, that are labeled gluten-free,  does that mean a Kraft gluten-free list is soon to follow? We can only hope!

On a personal note, this is such big news because it’s the first time a large “mainstream” company is giving a straight answer on which for their products are gluten-free. By now, we’re all used to the big-company-run-around answer to “is it gluten-free?” The phone rep reads from their script: “As the FDA has not yet issued a ruling defining the term gluten-free, we cannot confirm that a product is gluten-free. We advise you to carefully read labels each time that you buy our product. We also recommend that you consult your physician if … [insert eye roll here – I mean, really, who consults their physician on their choice of cereal!].” General Mills is not only publishing their gluten-free list online, but also labeling their products gluten-free! How refreshing.

As the publishers of The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, we understand the importance of reading labels. But we would love to see easy-to-read labels like this. Our guide takes 3 full-time people over a thousand hours to research and edit. Gluten-free should not be that hard. Let’s thank General Mills for going this extra mile, and actually making it easy for us to make shopping choices.

Leave a comment below, and we’ll forward them on to General Mills’ marketing department. We hope that the other big food companies will do the same, and soon!