Special $15 Gluten-free Meals at Ted's Montana Grill!

IMG_0014On a recent visit to Ted’s Montana Grill, I was delighted to find that their special $15 dinner menu offered some gluten-free options! At our Ted’s location, the special menu offers a salad (several gluten-free dressing choices) and an entrée with two side dishes. Both the the Delmonico steak (beef or bison) and Cedar Plank Salmon are gluten-free on the $15 menu  here. Many other great dishes are also on the full gluten-free menu. There is supposed to be one nice bound copy of the menu at each location but they can print up extras in the back if you go in with other gluten-free diners.

The beef Delmonico steak that I ordered comes with mashed potatoes and green beans or broccoli. However, at Ted’s the green beans contain gluten (don’t ask me how) and I don’t care for broccoli. Luckily, the server checked with the manager and they allowed me to sub out asparagus for my vegetable choice. There was no additional charge for the special request, which is not always the case when you are offering from a discounted menu in the first place. Though not listed on the gluten-free menu, many months ago the manager at our location confirmed that the pickles on each table are gluten-free. They are wonderful and made in house!

IMG_0012The dinner salad was basic but quite fresh and the cream vinaigrette dressing was particularly tasty. I’d not had it there before. Most of the dressings at Ted’s are gluten-free – read the gluten-free for all the options.  Remember when ordering a salad anywhere, to remind the server to write ‘no bread or croutons’ even if you are ordering from a gluten-free menu.

My meal arrived more quickly than I’m accustomed to when ordering steak since I like it more done than rare. The plate was nicely presented and offered nice portion sizes of everything on it. The asparagus was cooked perfectly – not under or over done even slightly. As always, the mashed potatoes tasted homemade and were delicious. My steak was cooked to perfection and in fact, it was the first steak I’ve ever had at Ted’s. I’ve had a burger without a bun and their fabulous Brick Chicken dishes, but never a steak. For $15, the special menu meal is an exceptional value – at least in our area. The quality ingredients used and the company being so ‘green’, also adds extra value for me.  

Though dessert is  not included as part of the discounted menu, the gluten-free choices are Haagan-Dazs ice cream, Shakes and Root Beer or Coke Floats. My husband had to finish some of my meal so I certainly had no room for dessert. If I really had a hankering for something sweet we could have scooted over to Bonefish Grill (in same shopping center as our Ted’s) for their incredible gluten-free Macadamia Nut Brownie or Creme Brulee. The decadent brownie at Bonefish serves two by the way!

For those of you who have not been to Ted’s in a while, their revised gluten-free menu includes French fries. They are absolutely delicious! Always confirm the restaurant has a dedicated fryer before ordering fries when dining out anywhere. As I watched plate after plate pass by our table with delicious smelling onion rings on it, I could not help but think how easy it would be for Ted’s to make gluten-free onions rings in the dedicated fryer. Our server did not know how long the special $15 dinner menu would be in effect, but she guessed that it would be offered until very early in January 2010. If there is a Ted’s Montana Grill near you, it’s definitely worth checking to see if the same deal is offered at your location!

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