Easy Gluten-free Brunch Casserole

IMG_0101It’s super easy to make a delicious gluten-free casserole for breakfast or brunch. This is particularly handy to make when you have company or are a guest at the in-laws house during the holidays. Instead of worrying about making a gluten-free crust for quiche, call your crustless quiche a casserole and no one will miss anything!

To make an egg casserole, you need some eggs, milk and cheese. Everything else is optional and should suit your own personal taste. Scallions, mushrooms and spinach work great as the veggies and for meat loves, turkey or pork sausage and bacon add extra protein. Make sure you choose gluten-free meats, though more of them seem to be gluten-free than not these days. There are plenty of safe brands listed in our Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide.

If you’re using veggies and meat, saute them in a tiny bit of canola oil until done and allow everything to cool while you whisk the egg mixture. How many eggs you use depends on how many people you need the dish to feed. We use five eggs for two of us which allows for left overs. Ten to twelve eggs works for a crowd. Add some heavy cream if you have it, or skim milk with a little sour cream if you don’t. The amount of milk is based on how many eggs are used. About ½ cup works for five eggs and a cup will do for double that.

Spray a large baking dish with nonstick spray. Place veggies and meats (if using) in bottom of dish. Whisk eggs and cream or milk/sour cream and then mix in shredded cheese. Pour mixture over veggies and meats. Bake at 375 degrees for 35-45 minutes, depending on pan size and thickness of mixture. The casserole is ready when it pulls away from pan edges and it starts to lightly brown on top. Allow to cool at least five minutes before cutting.

Serve with fresh fruit and gluten-free muffins or toast for breakfast. When serving the dish for brunch, a nice side salad and hash browns work nicely. Kroger’s hash brown patties are now marked gluten-free. Ore-Ida’s gluten-free list includes some hash browns but none of the packages are labeled gluten-free in our area yet. Many hash brown patties contain wheat, which is clearly listed in the ingredients.

Another way to make this casserole is to use a muffin tin instead of a large baking dish. Spray the muffin tin well so the mini “egg muffins” don’t stick. Both those and the casserole freeze quite well. Thaw them in the refrigerator and heat in the microwave when ready to eat. The “egg muffins” are great if you’re traveling out of town by car and can take a cooler for food. When you get to your destination, you’ll have a ready made gluten-free breakfast in case your hosts serve a breakfast that’s heavy on the gluten.

The main thing to remember is that there are really no rules for making this kitchen sink type casserole. Use what you have and what you like. If you love seafood, consider using some bay shrimp with  artichoke hearts and parmesan cheese. For a casserole with a Mediterranean flare, use feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, black olives and some pesto chicken. Have fun with your creation and most of all, enjoy eating and sharing it with family and friends!

If you’re having turkey this week, make sure and check out our left-over turkey recipe post. Happy holidays everyone!

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