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artisan_agfccoverArtisanal Gluten-Free Cooking by Kelli and Peter Bronski is one of the most beautiful cookbooks I’ve seen in a while. Right off the bat, as you start reading about how Peter learned that there is an emotional attachment to food that one might not realize before going gluten-free, you will connect with his and Kelli’s journey. The sense of loss when one faces such a major life change is something only those of us who go through it can understand. When we have a phenomenal piece of gluten-free pizza when dining out, others around us do not understand why tears well up in our eyes.

Another thing that makes the book so great is the fact that it isn’t  overloaded with gluten-free replacement food recipes. Don’t worry – there are plenty of great selections in every category, but there is more to this cookbook than what one might expect. In addition to the things you’d expect to find like recipes for breads and desserts, there are also recipes for sides, soups and salads, appetizers, entrees and even drinks. There are not just a few offerings in those categories but many in each of them. From Shrimp Cocktail with Homemade Sauce to Mozzarella Sticks to Sweet and Sour Chicken – it’s all in this cookbook!

If you’re ambitious enough to want to make your own homemade corn tortillas, there is a recipe for those, which actually doesn’t look that difficult. There are dishes that represent many different cuisines including Coconut Red Curry Stir-Fry, Sushi Rolls and Gnocchi – to name just a few. Basics like Seared Scallops, Homemade French Fries and Wild Rice are also included. The dessert and bread recipes will have your mouth watering in no time. Below are just a few of the really special things I picked out to try eventually. Right now, I need a break from sweets after all the gluten-free goodies I enjoyed during the holidays.

  • Angel Food Cake with Strawberries
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache
  • Apple Pie with Streusel Topping
  • Dessert Crepe with a Trio of Sauces
  • Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas (OK- I’ll admit I’m using ready made La Tortilla Factory tortillas for this one!)

If you’ve been wanting to make your own gluten-free ravioli, the Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking cookbook has you covered. Whether you’re a deep dish pizza lover or prefer a super thin crust – you’ll find recipe options for both in this great cookbook. Though many of us roll our eyes at well meaning friends when they ask if we can just order a salad wherever they want to eat, this book actually has amazing salad recipes that you’ll want to make and eat!

Make sure to check out the Bronski’s blog, No Gluten, No Problem where they share recipe creations and great tips about living gluten-free deliciously. The latter is something I strive to do each day. Kelli and Peter have done themselves proud with this lovely book. Their special artisan gluten-free flour blend recipe calls for three flours, two starches and xanthan gum. There is a recipe to make either 3 or 12 cups of flour at a time. Not being one to mix up my own flour, I plan to use a ready made gluten-free flour in some of the recipes in this book. I’ve done this with other cookbooks and for the most part have had great success. It seems that if you have a really good gluten-free flour blend, it will work well in many recipes that call for a different gluten-free flour blend. The key is that your flour has to be a good all-purpose flour to start with. Don’t just take plain rice flour and use it in a recipe unless that is what is calls for. Gluten-free flour blends are needed for the best tasting gluten-free foods, always.  In addition to being available on the author’s website, th book is also available on

Please leave a comment below for your chance to win an author signed copy of this lovely and deliciously well done gluten-free cookbook! Winner will be posted on Wednesday, January 13th – good luck!

UPDATE: 1-13-09 / Congrats to Tim who won the copy of Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking!

Special thanks to the Bronski’s for my review copy of their beautiful book!

59 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking!”

  1. I’d love a copy of this. I’m dating someone new and he actually has an interest in helping me cook gluten free, which means I have more of a desire to try more making more stuff. This looks like something that would be right up our alley.

  2. I love cooking gluten-free, and not just “substitution foods”–this book looks so elegant as well! Thanks for the offer!

  3. It’s relatively easy to take the “standards” and make them gluten-free. At least a lot easier than it was 11 years ago when I started on this journey. Which is why I’m probably more able to stay on target now days. But, it’s nice to know that artisan cooking is finally coming to our lives. A little change would be nice from the standard casseroles.

  4. After 3+ years of eating GF, I’m venturing into baking (rather than buying baked goods.) I look forward to this book (and hope I win a copy, of course.)

  5. I checked this out of my local library and it is the best gluten free cookbook I have found yet! The pictures are beautiful, the recipes are scrumptious, and the meals are well rounded and perfect for anyone. I added it to my amazon wish list, but I’d love to win a copy! Thanks! :)

  6. I can relate to the comment, of the sense of loss to foods that we can no longer eat. As this is all new to me in the last two months. It would be wonderfull to try new ideas and recipes that taste good!

  7. Please pick me! I am having a terrible time trying to cook and bake good gluten free food when we do dinner with my in-laws, who are reluctant to try anything I make because it’s “gluten free.” I’d love a copy of this book so I can make some artful, delicious meals that would really show them! :-)

  8. Wow! This book looks amazing. I never cooked before becoming gluten-free, so I have had to learn how to make everything, and I’ve done pretty well, but must always use a recipe. The thing I miss most is ravioli, actually. I tried making some a while ago, and it turned out horribly.

    Can you please tell us whether this book is on Amazon? I’m homebound due to other health issues, but have an Amazon account and would love to order it.

    Thanks for letting us know about this.

  9. Siobhan – on the top link in the post you can find the links for Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Nobles ordering. However, I added the Amazon link to the actual post per your request. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. YUM, the photo on the cover looks delicious! Just like everyone else entering a comment, I also want to know how to make ravioli. Please enter me in the drawing.

  11. I’m only on day 5 of my gluten-free diet. I would LOVE this cookbook as a way to help out! Thanks for this site. It’s really helpful. :)

  12. This cookbook sounds interesting. I am still trying to realize the emotional attachment we have to food… and have to remind myself that when I feel upset or disappointed in yet another situation where I can’t eat anything at all, that is not abnormal. The non-celiacs around me might not understand why when my partner’s brother-in-law puts flour in the turkey bag (the only thing I was going to be able to eat at Christmas dinner) I have a little “celiac moment.” But these things keep happening even after 5 years and I still have the same reaction sometimes. Anyway, looks like a good cookbook.

  13. My wife is allergic to wheat and wheat products, so we have moved to gluten free eating. As eating is one of favorite hobbies, I would love to have the book and add to the “Wow” factor and amaze my friends and family.

  14. This cookbook will be a great addition in my kitchen to help me enrich my gluten free diet. I am always thankful for those who have taken the time to come up with variations of some typical gluten-filled dishes. Thanks for the book review and the offer!

  15. It’s been almost exactly one year since I went gluten-free, and it still gets difficult every once in a while – that’s why it’s great to see cookbooks like this!

  16. Just the cover alone is enough to make me want this cookbook! I love new opportunities to find something for my gluten-free diet! Eating is challenging and this look fabulous and helpful.

  17. NOT FAIR! You tell me I can win a copy of this fantastic book in an e-mail I receive on January 13th and then tell me you are announcing the winner on January 13th. How does that work? I’m taking my bat and ball and going home to have some delicious gluten-free homemade bread!

  18. Sorry – the original post went up last week so people had 7 days to enter to win. From now on we won’t post the winner on the original post.

  19. I love to cook and the chance to try some really exciting new recipes + some old favorites -made-safe….WOW! After 4 years of Gluten-free-bland I look forward to some variety.

  20. I am always looking for something tasty, and that everyone can eat and enjoy. Sometimes we have dinner with friends and I take my own meal so that they don’t have to cook something special for me.

  21. I received this for Christmas from a friend and I love it. Such great recipes. All that I have tried have been awesome, with no complaints from even my non-gluten free eaters.

  22. I loved to cook and entertain till I had to go gluten free now I struggle to fix meals HELP baking is just not the same I have started to sell all my cookbooks not need for them now so many where breads and deserts

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