We’re excited to announce that our brand new gluten free grocery guide iPhone App is now available in Apple’s App Store. To check it out, click on the link (it will open up iTunes on your computer) or go to the iTunes store and search for “Triumph Dining.”

This new App is the iPhone version of our popular gluten free grocery guide. Like the print edition, it lists over 30,000 gluten free foods, making it the largest gluten free product listing available anywhere.

And, for the iPhone version, we worked with one of the most talented iPhone developers in the business. The result is a very fast, powerful App that’s really easy to use. One of the coolest features that we haven’t seen elsewhere is the search function – it actually updates your search results real time, as you type each letter of your query, making it easier to find what you’re looking for fast.

Go check it out on your iTunes! (This link will open up your iTunes program and take you to our app page.)