mixed_case_largeThere is some good news to report regarding the gluten-free options at Starbucks. Sorry – I’m not announcing that the company is introducing another gluten-free pastry. Many of us have been hoping that Starbucks would come up with something to replace the delicious Valencia Orange gluten-free cake. The release of the new cake last spring was big news in our community and when Starbucks announced the cancellation of the cake via Twitter, it didn’t go over too well. There was a petition to bring back the cake started on this blog. It seems like Starbucks listened, but needed to do what made sense for the company dollar wise, which is only fair to them. All of the gluten-free items they chose to offer have a very long shelf life. This should lead to less waste and less profit loss. Let’s face it, Starbucks has been hit pretty hard by the current economic climate and a lot of baristas were put out of work over the last two years.

home_productsWhen the company finally announced their new gluten-free offerings – a second round if you will – I tried to look at the bright side of things. Many people want to buy snacks like KIND bars, Food Should Taste Good chips or Lucy’s Cookies to enjoy with their lattes at Starbucks. For people that always have dried fruit, bars and other snacks in their cars, there isn’t a draw to purchase the new items at Starbucks. For the full Starbucks gluten-free product list, check out Gluten-Free Philly’s post. There are nut free and dairy free options this time around.

Most of the gluten-free snacks that Starbucks is bringing in are very popular with the gluten-free crowd. Though I’ve not sampled everything, I personally very much enjoy the KIND bars, Food Should Taste Good chips and Lucy’s Cookies.  Starbucks explained after the discontinuation of the Valencia Orange cake that gluten-free consumers wanted something more healthy than cake to eat. That is not true for everyone, to say the least. In these difficult economic times, it’s tough to rationalize spending more on a KIND bar at Starbucks than the ones packed in our car storage compartment at all times.

The latest news from Starbucks is great for everyone that does want to be able to buy something to eat at the coffee house. It’s smart business for a large company like Starbucks to accommodate gluten-free, vegan and organic minded consumers with these new food options. According to the Restaurant Guide, 120 other chain restaurants already have gluten-free options. Many people will enjoy these products from Starbucks and that is certainly good news. Having something is better than nothing is the motto of some people. For those of you who are excited by the Starbucks gluten-free news – ENJOY!