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home_productsRecently, we received some sample packs of gluten-free cookies from Lucy’s Cookies. The way this company came into being is really interesting. Dr. Lucy Gibney’s son had multiple allergies and she wanted to create something safe for him to enjoy, that was good enough for other kids to enjoy as well. She accomplished her goal, no doubt!

Due to overloading on carbs during the holidays, this reviewer took a while to sample all four flavors of cookies. Not being the biggest cookie lover in the world, the gluten eater (who never passes on a cookie) in the house was employed to help test taste each cookie flavor. First up was the “Sugar Cookie” from Lucy’s. The cookies were light and crispy and though we are not big sugar cookie fans generally speaking, these had a great taste and texture.

Up next were the “Choco Chip” cookies. These were very good and will be a nice replacement cookie for a brand that recently changed ingredients. The other brand now has an aftertaste that I don’t care for. Again, the cookies from Lucy’s were light and the chocolate chips added a nice contrast to the crispy texture. The “Oatmeal” cookies were quite delightful with a lovely flavor. The company uses gluten-free oats to make the cookies so these treats offer an easy way to include oats in our diet. It offers those of us that can tolerate gluten-free oats that option, at least. I’m always looking to add safe oats to my diet, usually through hot cereal or oatmeal raisin cookies. Like the rest of the Lucy’s cookies we’d tasted, the Oatmeal cookies were light and crispy.

Last but not least, the “Cinnamon Thin” cookies were my favorite of the bunch! In fact, I decided not to share any of the cookies in the sample bag with the gluten eater in the house. He is not a fan of cinnamon cookies anyway. The Lucy’s “Cinnamon Thin” cookies are the exact type of cookie I like to enjoy with afternoon tea. The flavor was absolutely perfect. Like all the other flavors, there was a light crispy texture to this cookie, which is quite nice with hot tea.

Lucy’s Cookies are now available at about 6000 Starbucks locations. In fact, the cookie company had to ramp up production in order to supply the massive coffee house chain with enough cookies for their new “healthy snacks” program. Starbucks sells the snack size bag of cookies and retail grocery and health food stores sell the larger boxes of Lucy’s cookies. To find the products near you, check the website store locator. It’s doubtful that gluten eaters who want a healthy snack at Starbucks would mind that these treats don’t contain gluten. They are tasty enough for everyone to enjoy!

In addition to being gluten-free, the cookie are free of dairy, nuts, tree nuts, casein and eggs.  Special thanks to Lucy’s Cookies for our sample packs of cookies!

4 thoughts on “Review: Lucy’s Gluten-free Cookies”

  1. Thanks for the review. When I saw them at my local Giant, I debated about buying them, but decided no because of the bean flours. Glad to know that it seems like the bean flours don’t make them taste bad.

  2. I’m also always wary of anything that is supposed to be sweet that contains bean flour. I find most desserts made from mixes that contain bean flours inedible. The pleasant taste of these cookies was quite a nice surprise! All except the Choco Chip cookies should hold up well in emergency snack bags in the car too.

  3. A friend picked up the Choco chip and sugar ones for me. I thought they were great and did carry them around in my purse for a few days. Not all Starbucks carry them.

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