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SIMPLEsnapzThe nice folks from Pamela’s Products sent me a few items to sample and review a while back. The Ginger Mini Snapz cookies were scarfed down in two days by the gluten eater in the house. He’s addicted to ginger snaps of any kind but he particularly loves the Pamela’s version due to the strong ginger flavor. I’m not a ginger snap person but use the cookies to make excellent ginger pie crusts for key lime pie and lemon bars. Easy instructions for making pie crusts from Pamela’s cookies are on their website so check it out if you haven’t already.

Cornbread-MixNext up was the Cornbread & Corn Muffin mix. Since we’d actually been enjoying this mix since it came out last year, we were thrilled to be able to enjoy it with Darn Good Chili this time around. If you’ve ever had Jiffy (gluten) corn muffins, then you know what the Pamela’s Products version tastes like. It’s simply great corn bread, period. For holiday cornbread for dressing, we actually use the Pamela’s Pancake & Baking mix to make cornbread (recipe on Pamela’s website as well). That version reminds me of my Grandmothers southern cornbread – meaning it is perfect for cornbread dressing!

IMG_0058Last up from Pamela’s was the Chocolate Brownie Mix. Because my husband has an aversion to dark chocolate (who knew someone could be allergic to dark and bittersweet chocolate?), we had never tried the brownies from Pamela’s. Obviously making a batch of brownies for one person isn’t an option but for the purpose of this review, I decided to give most of the brownies to gluten eaters at my husband’s workplace. Not only could I review them – I’d get gluten lovers to rate them as well. Not surprisingly, I thought the brownies were perfectly moist, chocolaty and delicious! There are many recipe versions on the bag and I made the original “oil recipe”. Though you might assume that version is dairy free, the allergen statement on the bag says that there might be traces of dairy in the mix, due to processing practices. What did the gluten lovers think of Pamela’s brownies? Everyone who scarfed them up said they were delicious. Many people were unaware that the brownies were gluten-free, which tickles me to no end.

Everyone who’s had Pamela’s great products knows how great they are – from the baking mixes to the prepared cookies to the frosting mixes. The chocolate frosting is the best dark chocolate version I’ve ever had. Pamela’s Products – the company – also stands out in ways some people might not be aware of. One of the events they are involved with is coming up on February 16th.  It’s called Pancake Tuesday. If you are involved with an organization who is hosting such an event, you might want to contact the company about a product donation. That way even people who can’t eat gluten can enjoy Pancake Tuesday.

Excerpt from press release:



Ukiah, CA (January, 2010) – Pamela’s Products, an award-winning leader in the gluten-free foods arena, celebrates Pancake Tuesday with pancake mix donations to community groups, church parishes and firehouses. While events built around the allure of pancakes have become a more frequent addition to most community calendars, Pancake Tuesday, taking place on February 16, 2010, is considered one of the largest nation-wide pancake events. With church parishes and community centers either preparing for Lent or simply celebrating an old Irish tradition, Pancake Tuesday is a day to bring together friends and strangers to share a meal.

While, being a gluten-intolerant parishioner or community member can be an isolating experience, more organizations and parishes are taking steps to ensure that their shared meals are more inclusive and adhere to the dietary needs of all their members. Pamela’s Products has been donating their pancake mix for community pancake events year-round since their earliest days 22 years ago. They have increasingly been asked to donate more, as the preferred choice, many times in place of the traditional wheat based pancake mixes. Parishes and organizations can simply contact Pamela’s Products by logging onto to their website at to arrange donations and they will send their gluten-free pancake mix to your event.

Special thanks to Pamela’s Products for my review samples, and for continuing to make great products that everyone can enjoy – even those without any food intolerances!

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  1. I am the recent recipient of a Cuisinart Bread Machine and tried Pamela’s
    Gluten Free Bread Mix. It worked wonderfully – on the regular Basic White Bread setting. The bread is very good, although darker than white bread, but the texture is the same as “regular bread”. I have refrigerated the rest of the loaf and it has kept well. Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix is absolutely outstanding too. I am a carbohydrate freak and am so glad to have these wonderful products available.

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