Gluten-free Superbowl Recipes

Hot & Spicy Chex Party Mix
Hot & Spicy Chex Party Mix

This Sunday is a big day for football fans – and for the rest of us who primarily go to Superbowl parties to hang out with friends and enjoy great food. We will  actually be out of town and won’t be able to attend a very fun party we were invited to. However,  we’ll be enjoying meals at a 100% gluten-free restaurant so I certainly can’t complain.

Usually at an event like a Superbowl party, the guests bring food to share with others. That’s great if all the food at the outing is gluten-free, but it can be tricky to find safe things to eat if you’re the only gluten-free guest. Depending on your hosts, you may or may not feel comfortable eating food they make. If many people attend the party that you do not know, you probably won’t be comfortable asking them about every ingredient (and brand used) in their dish.

Eating something before such an event is usually a good idea, as is taking something safe for you to eat. If you want to share, parcel out plenty of your dish just for you. That way, others can’t contaminate it at a table full of gluten. Be greedy. Take a LOT of whatever you brought to eat. You can always not eat it all, but if you get hungry because you don’t have enough to fill you up, you’re not likely going to have fond memories of the evening.

If you want to whip up a gluten-free dessert to share with others, you might not want to shout from the rooftop that the treat is gluten-free. Depending on who the party guests are, they might purposefully avoid anything gluten-free. It’s much more fun to watch the food you take disappear and THEN tell everyone they just ate gluten-free cake, cookies or whatever goodies they scarfed down.

We went to a party last fall and took a Scalded Milk Cake made by Mark Fitchpatrick, but didn’t tell any of the guests the cake was gluten-free. As it was being devoured and raved about, I kept my mouth shut. When I suggested our hosts take the last two pieces of cake for themselves, I then let others know the cake was in fact, gluten-free. More than a couple of them said “not the cake from that container. It couldn’t have been – it was delicious”. Exactly.

If you need some ideas for great gluten-free dishes for this weekend, check out the options we found while scouring the world wide web.

  • Elana over a Elana’s Pantry offers up lovely options, as always.
  • Karina, aka Gluten-Free Goddess,  makes a yummy (and easy!) nacho recipe perfect for Superbowl festivities.
  • Teri at has a host of half-time party recipe ideas.
  • The Tostitos website offers up a chili cheese bake that’s easily made gluten-free.
  • My never fail crowd pleaser is Cheesy Corn dip and it only calls for five ingredients.
  • Last but not least, using gluten-free Chex cereals offers many great snack mix options. Just remember to use gluten-free ingredients and OMIT gluten ingredients like Wheat Chex, regular pretzels (use Glutino instead) and bagel chips.

Other easy snack options are veggie sticks with gluten-free dip, corn chips with gluten-free salsa (try Newman’s Own) and microwave popcorn.  If you’re not into Superbowl parties, the above recipes will work great for many other gatherings. Just remember that if you take time to prepare for social outings, you can enjoy all the things you did when you were not on a restricted diet. There is no reason to give up fun just because you can’t eat gluten!

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