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allergenfree51sQTcNmG9L__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA240_SH20_OU01_If any of our readers are in the Southeast FL area, they might want to check out the gluten-free vendor fair in Delray Beach on February 27th. The Gluten-Free Food Expo is hosting over 70 vendors and looks like fun time for gluten-free folks of all ages. There is a Kids Corner at the show. There is no charge for admission and parking is free. This group sponsors a local gluten-free food assistance program, the first of its kind in the country.

On March 6th, yours truly will be in Asheville, NC at the famous Posana Café. We’re meeting in the back room at 10 am and we’ll be giving away tasty door prizes to several lucky attendees. After the Q&A session, we’ll have the Triumph Dining Restaurant Guide, Grocery Guide and Dining Cards for sale. In case you didn’t know it – Posana Café is a gluten-free restaurant and has amazing sticky buns, scones, coffee cake and muffins every day – while they last! You can read the review of our first amazing visit to the restaurant here.

The windy city of Chicago is home to the 2010 Gluten-Free Cooking Expo on April 17th and 18th. Actually, the show in in Lisle, IL, which is just outside Chicago. Jen Cafferty puts this great event together and there are many ticket packages to choose from. Attendess can also choose to go only to the vendor fair part of the show for $15. This year the event has a lot of new exciting things going on. Kim Koeller of Gluten-Free Passport and Lee Tobin of Whole Foods are part of the show’s impressive line-up.

One of the most anticipated gluten-free events each year is the GIG Conference. This year the exciting show is in Minneapolis, MN on June 4-5. I love the show’s title – Savor the Flavor of a Healthy Gluten Free Life. That is what I try to do every day – literally. As always, the GIG Conference will be jam packed with helpful information to help people learn to enjoy their gluten-free lives. Much fun will be had as well – including a pajama party! I was personally tickled to see that Jen Cafferty is part of the GIG Conference this year. She is doing something called the Teen Cook Off which sounds like tons of fun for kids of all ages. GIG (aka Gluten Intolerance Group) has some exciting programs including, but not limited to, GFRAP (restaurant training program) and the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

It’s great news when gluten-free cooks or authors are featured on mainstream TV shows. Therefore, its very exciting that Cybele Pascal, author of the Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook, is going to be on the Martha Stewart show on March 1st. If you’re gluten-free only – or gluten, dairy, soy, egg and nut free and you love baking, Cybele’s book is for you. When my copy of the book arrived, I was seriously shocked at how many allergen foods Cybele has been able to avoid while still enjoying incredible food! If you only avoid gluten, you can just use real eggs, milk, nuts or whatever else you want in the recipes. There are 100 vegan recipes in the book. Cybele is sponsoring a book give-away for one of our readers. For your chance to win, please enter a comment below. The book must ship to one of the lower 48 states and the deadline to enter is February 25th. Good luck!

Update 2-26-10: Congrats to Betsy who won Cybele’s great cookbook! Don’t forget to watch Cybele on the Martha Stewart show on Monday, March 1st!

Special thanks to Cybele Pascal for sponsoring this give-away for our readers!

32 thoughts on “Gluten-free Events and Book Give-Away”

  1. This book sounds amazing. Also, thanks for the info about all the events. Definitely interested in the expo in Chicago now. I had no idea it existed.

  2. I’ve just self-diagnosed myself as gluten intolerant and have been feeling so much better! I can’t wait for the book and I wish I was off to go to Martha on the first!

  3. Wow thank you so much for the information. It is wonderful to know where and when these things are going on. I will have to see about making it to some of them in the future.


  4. I would love to be entered in the contest for the book.

    I hope that a gluten free expo comes to Salt Lake City, we could use an update on the latest and greatest products!

  5. Its awesome to see all these events going on, but sadly I am not near any of them. Hopefully at some point I will be able to make it to one. I would love to be entered in the drawing for the cookbook. And I’m looking forward to seeing the Martha show on the 1st.

  6. Looking forward to Martha’s show featuring GF on March 1st. I am facilitator of a celiac support group and would love to have Cybele’s book to share with them as well. I will definitely tell them about the show on March 1st. Thanks!

  7. I’m so grateful for these cookbooks as I’m trying to get some safe goodies to eat. I’m somewhat new at this and am grateful for those that have gone before with all the great info to share. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for all the valuable information you’re able to send to all of us gluten intolerants. It’s so great to know that you dig to uncover the truth and keep us update on all current GF activities! Keep up the great work! :)

  9. I am so pleased to have found out about the expo and conferences, I felt completely alone in my struggle with my diet. I am allergic to Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Apples, Molds/Fungi, and just about every chemical known to humankind.

    I am on the world’s most expensive diet while on Disability. I could use all the help I can get.

    Thank you for being a source of information, I wish I had found your site two years ago when all of these changes started for me.

  10. I love to bake and I am looking to start my own business making Gluten free foods. I have been experimenting and just need to get the right set of recipes to make it work. I would love to be entered in the book drawing.

    Does anyone have ideas or suggestions for me? I live in Massachusettes so most of these expos and classes are not feasible for me at this time.

  11. I am definitely interested in this book. I am looking for some good kid-friendly GF and lactose free recipes for two Celiac girls in my sons 4th grade class. We can’t bring any nuts into the classroom either so it makes it hard. Thanks for all the great information you provide for those of us with Celiac and other food sensitivities.

  12. I would LOVE to win this book! We have 2, possibly 3 celiacs in our family, and though there are a lot of recipes on the web, there are very few GREAT recipes out there! These look wonderful!

  13. My husband has severe herpitiformosis dermatitis and I have a terrible time cooking for him. The cookbook sounds great.

  14. I am in strong agreement with you regarding the excitement of finally having gluten free Chefs and Authors on Main Stream TV. Congratulations to you Cybele and I hope my name gets drawn to win your book! Living in Maine, it is difficult to attend any of the conferences listed, when can we set up something in New England? Thank you for all of this great info.

  15. Only dx at age 60, after a year of GF I find I have the brain and confidence to explore the myriad ways of GF living. Thank God for the internet. Feeling alone in the GF struggle cannot last when you have the GF world at your fingertips. I was really touched by Kim’s comment about looking for GF recipes for kids in her son’s class. A new cookbook and Martha Stewart exposure – we’re happening!

  16. What a fabulous book! I couldn’t believe there was even a Red Velvet Cake recipe!! Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes, etc.

  17. Pick me! Pick me!

    I am tired of making recipes that taste like cardboard cutouts…I need help!

    Looking forward to trying these recipes :)

    Aronda Kerns

  18. I started a 95% gluten free diet for my 7 year old son that suffers from ADHD and for that whole year, he was healthy and his hyperactivity decreased. We are going back with this diet and I am happy to find this website that can help us with this journey.

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