Redbridge Beer Dropped from Publix Shelves

other_middle_bgRedbridge gluten-free beer is made by Anheuser-Busch. It was introduced in late 2006 in certain markets and available nationwide in the Spring of 2007. In most markets, Redbridge was the only gluten-free beer game in town and therefore was fairly well received by the gluten-free consumer market in the U.S. Bard’s Tale gluten-free beer captured a much smaller percentage of the market but that’s mostly due to the fact that unlike Redbridge, Bard’s Tale was not widely available. In late 2008, Bard’s Tale became available in the Atlanta market and sales really took off. Bard’s Tale is sold in Whole Foods stores in the area and served at several Atlanta area restaurants.

Last month rumors started up about the possibility that Redbridge was being discontinued, but Anheuser-Busch stated (and continues to state) that there are no plans to discontinue the beer at this time. Please note that historically, Anheuser-Busch has not shouted from the rooftops when they have chosen to discontinue any products. No companies do that because they want all the existing products to sell out of the market and much product is often in the market place long after a product has been discontinued. Only time will tell what the real deal is with Redbridge. Maybe it’s here to stay and maybe not.

In the Southeast, Publix is a major player in the mainstream grocery store business, with over 1000 stores in five states. Each January, the company redesigns the massive beer display in their stores and the 2010 line up does not include Redbridge. The sales were not there to support the shelf space so Redbridge, the only gluten-free beer sold at Publix, didn’t make the grade. Once Bard’s Tale was available here, many people spent the extra money to buy it over Redbridge, even though most people live closer to a Publix than a Whole Foods store – currently the only place to purchase Bard’s Tale except for restuarants. On average, a six-pack of Bard’s Tale costs $2.50 more than Redbridge.

After not being able to find Redbridge at any Publix in my area for almost two months, and hearing complaints that others could not find it either, I finally spoke to the manager of a store near me to find out exactly what the deal was. As I expected, he confirmed that Redbridge did not sell well enough to continue to be kept on the shelf at Publix. This is a corporate wide decision – no Publix stores are stocking Redbridge with chilled beer now. However, customers can contact the manager of their store and request the product be brought in just for them. That is, it can be brought in as long as the local distributor carries it and the manufacturer makes it. Publix carries Woodchuck cider and all the flavors in that line are gluten-free.

Whole Foods stores here sell Bard’s Tale, Greens (from Belgium) and New Grist gluten-free beer. Kroger reports that they carry Redbridge in their stores presently. No company should continue making a product that they aren’t making money on, and no store should have to sell something that’s not profitable for them. Companies are not making gluten-free products to “be nice” to gluten-free consumers. Like any business, manufacturers are only interested in making profitable products. Retailers are interested in selling products they can make a decent profit on and the products have to turn quickly enough to justify the shelf space they take up.

Unfortunately, Redbridge might end up falling into the category of failed gluten-free products. Redbridge is considered by some people to be the “Budweiser” of all gluten-free beers, but it’s the only one available in many markets. For that reason, it will really be unfortunate if the product ends up disappearing from all store shelves eventually. Let us know if you like Redbridge, or if you prefer other gluten-free beer brands.

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  1. Redbridge is a good staple beer. I’ve tried a few others, however they are much more expensive. I’ve reviewed a few on my web site. They do sell Redbridge at BevMo and Whole Foods in the Los Angeles area.

  2. I love Redbridge – and it is getting harder to find, but many liquor stores carry it in our area of South Florida, although the convenience of Publix is missed.

  3. I can buy Redbridge and Woodchuck both, at my local ‘liquor store’ The Warehouse (in Valdosta, GA) both of which are a couple of dollars cheaper than at Publix

  4. Glad you all are able to find the Redbridge in your areas! My Publix manager is stocking it with gf food (not chilled) because he has the room for it but hardly any other locations have the space. He’s not getting it in for me, but for some others that shop there. I prefer Green’s but usually settle for Bard’s Tale due to the price. I might get 6 packs throughout the summer so I don’t mind spending the extra $12 a year that it costs me over Redbridge.

  5. just picked up a six-pack at Whole Foods. It is our favorite beer. Hope it stays. My GF son is only 15 and he is waiting to turn 21 to buy beer!! There is no doubt that the market determines what stays. Buy beer!

  6. I live in St. Louis and I am not a fan of AB because of political reasons but that’s neither here nor there, the main thing is that I like Redbridge. I used to be a Schlafly (another St. Louis brewing co) until I was diagnosed with Celiacs and Redbridge is the closet thing I have found to the taste of regular beer, especially Schlafly. Although I live in AB country, grocery stores did not start selling Redbridge until recently and I really hope that they don’t discontinue it. I did everything I could to get it in one of our local grocery stores and it would be such a shame to see it go.

  7. Another good reason why we MUST support the manufacturers that are making life normal for us. When I am out, sometimes I don’t always feel like a beer, but if the establishment carries it, I order a Redbridge, just to show it is selling. Yardhouse is an example of a restaurant that has created a GF menu and sells Redbridge and a good place to make sure I order one.

  8. At one point the local AB distributor here sold Redbridge, but discontinued it. There were stores including Greenlife that still wanted it. If Green’s was the only GF Beer avaialable, I would go beer free. Don’t like Bard’s Tale all that much either. I really don’t “like” Redbridge, but it’s the best I’ve found so far.

    I used to travel over 100 miles to get get Redbridge. Then I queried about the closest availability. They were real helpful, and gave me several locations 35-40 miles away. Turns out the distributor in the next region sold RB. Then at a local GF meeting, I found out that RB was being sold as contraband at a gas/convenience store only a couple of miles away. It was kept out of sight in the back of the cooler. It was almost like you needed a secret sign to buy it.

    Then Earth Fare moved into our area, and apparently their demand was enough to get our local distributor motivated. Geenlife was able to get it again, and they have the best price I’ve seen yet. There was an interruption due to outdated product in the pipeline, but now it’s back. Yea!

    As far as I know, our local Publix has never carried RB. Hope AB doesn’t stop making RB. I might have to stop eating my GF Pizza. Is it possible to eat pizza without beer? lol

  9. My wife and I are both culinary school grads, and she also has celiac. I’ve made it a point out of trying most, if not all of the gluten free products she eats and drinks.
    When Redbridge came out, I was actually impressed that Anheuser-
    Busch had a product out first that tasted that close to the real thing. Then,
    of course, Bard’s Tale became available. If you like a Scottish ale, you
    may be drawn in, but both of us found it too sweet. New Grist was worth
    the wait. It has the right balance of hops to off-set the sweetness of the
    sorghum. I would miss my pilsner and IPAs if I had celiac, but I have no
    hesitation in saying that New Grist is the best thing in gluten free beer at
    this time.

  10. My husban dloves Redbridge. We live in the Chicago area and we have bene to multiple Jewels that carry it. Also, Binny’s and a liquor chaine called Famous liquors.

  11. I hope they continue to make Redbridge, too! Yikes, that is the only GF beer here in Huron, SD that I can find. I have gotten it so far at Walmart, and then my husband requested it at our local grocery/liquor store, so they sell it there, also. I hope we don’t lose Redbridge!

  12. Redbridge is my favorite gluten free beer so far, it is the closet tasting to a regular beer. I would be bummed out if it was discontinued. Keep Redbridge, not a lot of choices for us gluten free beer drinkers.

  13. Our Publix quit stocking Redbridge several years ago. We now have them order us a case as needed. After trying all of the different GF beers this is definitely the best and our friends never notice that it is GF. When GF beer was 1st available it was only by the case, over the internet. Our 1st experience was called Passover Honey Beer. It was so strong I can still recall the bad taste. Rolling Rock was our favorite before celiac and Redbridge is almost as good.

  14. I’ve tried some of the different gluten free beers listed in the article, as well as Woodchuck products (I live in the Southeast where Publix is). To be honest, I didn’t like Redbridge, but then again, I really haven’t enjoyed any of the gluten free “beers” (not thinking of cider as traditional beer so much). I haven’t been gluten free all my life, discovering later the problems I was having due to it, and so, well, I guess I can still just remember drinking the real thing. I’m sorry others who like it will do without in some areas. I wonder though, how much of the gluten free community actually drinks beer at all, with so many also potentially having yeast problems as well?

  15. I am so bummed about this. I haven’t seen Redbridge for a while at the Publix so I was wondering. I love(d) beer and I thought that Redbridge was a great GF substitute. A sad day, but I guess I understand if it’s not selling. i hope they continue to stock it at Whole Foods!

  16. Redbridge has my vote! It’s great with pizza and is a really good marinade for grilled chicken. And it’s easier to find more places.

  17. “””” YES “””” On the Redbridge Beer !!!!!!!!
    When it first came out it seemed bitter to me. Now it is my gluten free beer of choice. I find it is now much improved.
    Most of the stores that carry it do a very poor job of displaying it. I can locate it on shelf only after asking for help most of the time.
    I buy it at Whole Foods and Heinen’s in Ohio and Whole Foods and Publix in SW Florida.
    Jeff Green

  18. “””” YES “””” On the Redbridge Beer !!!!!!!!
    When it first came out it seemed bitter to me. Now it is my gluten free beer of choice. I find it is now much improved.
    Most of the stores that carry it do a very poor job of displaying it. I can locate it on shelf only after asking for help.
    I buy it at Whole Foods and Heinen’s in Ohio and Whole Foods and Publix in SW Florida.
    Jeff Green

  19. I sure hope AB continues Redbridge. It took me a while to like the taste, and I really do NOT like AB’s Bud Light marketing, which is always about someone cheating, mis-leading or taking advantage just to get beer, but they get points for this beer and the price. I like Bard’s and will no longer drink New Grist, which must be old by the time I get it in Denver because it tastes way more spunky than it used to. So, buy Redbridge and Bards when you can to support the merchant and brewers, and hope for the day when having Celiac does not mean paying twice as much for food!.

  20. I too have found New Grist to be a bit bitter at times but Red Bridge has been a consistent favorite of mine. The Publix here in Augusta, Ga. carried it about one week and then dropped it. They advertise they will respond to customer needs but I requested it be restocked on three occasions and they never did.
    I find Earthfare stores to be a great place ot find New Grist, Bards, and Red Bridge. Publix definitely did not and does not listen to this customer

  21. Redbridge seems to be the favorite among gluten free people! It would be a tragedy on many levels for the gluten free industry to see it go.
    Redbridge was already cheaper than the rest, and AB has the capability, with the demand, to make it even cheaper and more available. If AB drops Redbridge, we will all have to turn to beers that don’t taste as good and are higher priced.
    I’m going to have to drink a Redbridge today!

  22. I just bought a 6-pack at my Publix last week, maybe they are just selling out what they have and not ordering more? So, I think I will go to the store now and buy all that they have on the shelf!! I like Greens much better, and thankfully my local watering hole orders it for me. However, as mentioned above, Redbridge is a staple. Gosh darnit, haven’t we celiacs suffered enough, and now they gotta go take our beer away from us (again!)???

  23. WE CARRY REDBRIDGE! We are a Specialty Food & Beverage store in Jensen Beach, FL. We carry and will continue to carry Redbridge. We also carry a variety of other Gluten Free Beers and Ciders. If you have any specific requests, contact me and I will help you out!

  24. Redbridge is my favorite GF beer and I’ve tried several. Bard’s is way to sweet for me. I actually sent Anheiser-Busch an email after reading the rumors that Redbridge was going to be discontinued. I inquired if the rumors were true and practically begged them to keep making it and distributing it. Here is there response back to me, as you will notice they even sent me stores in the immediate area that had just recently put orders in:


    Many thanks for your recent e-mail. It was great to hear that you’re a big fan of Redbridge!

    Despite what you may have heard, there are no plans to discontinue Redbridge. In fact, I did a bit of research and found that the stores listed below are those nearest you that have recently placed orders for the beer. I recommend that you call ahead to verify its availability before you make a beer run.

    Fred Meyer Federal Way
    33702 21st Ave SW
    Federal Way, WA 98023

    618 N 1st St
    Tacoma, WA 98403

    Fred Meyer
    Redondo 25250 Pacific Hwy S
    Kent, WA 98032

    Michelle, thanks again for writing. I hope that you’re able to win a second beer Olympics with Redbridge! Have a great weekend!

    Your Friend at Redbridge

  25. I love RedBridge. It’s available in my area at Top Foods, and QFC (Kroger). I’m in Washington and Barts is too expensive for the taste so I’d be sad to see it go, although there are more important things in life.

  26. Publix in the Lebanon/Mt.Juliet, TN area has been slow to respond to many requests for GF products. The issue, they say, is their vendor. (I say, get another vendor!) However, I must say some store personnel have been sympathetic but are probably fighting upstream against corporate. At least, they finally got Glutino bread in stock. If I want to winter in Lake Placid, FL again, I’ll have to go to Tampa, and probably to Whole Foods.

    Now, I’ll just drink bourbon. :)

  27. Here in Southern MD, GF beer when I was first diagnosed was very hard to come by. Having only been diagnosed in the past 2 yrs and having a favorite beer and now having to try something different was a challenge. In my area we don’t have a WF. Closest one is 2 hrs. I found New Grist and then Red Bridge at a small Gourmet restaurant that also sells Wine and beer with a very small selection. I have to say I agree with Publix. Red Bridge is not a great GF beer. Now we are able to find New Grist and also Bard’s. Like the Taste of Bard’s much better. Bard’s is a little more expensive but has a much better taste over the Red Bridge. But then again everyone’s tastes are different. I wish I like the Red Bridge because it is definitely cheaper. :-) It’s a shame for those who really like the Red Bridge that Publix is not going to carry any longer.

  28. Whole Foods is dropping a lot of GF foods here in NJ and they no longer carry wine or beer. I enjoy Redbridge so I will be very upset if local liquor stores stop selling it as well. Just when we find something we like!!

  29. Do you east coasters have Trader Joes out there? If so check with them. Some of the TJ’s here in Wa State are starting to distribute Redbridge as well. That’s where I pick mine up at all the time. I’ve never even stepped foot into a Whole Foods.

  30. I was diagnosed last August, and as someone who has always enjoyed beer I was delighted to discover Redbridge. Being able to have a beer made the transition to the new GF new lifestyle just that bit easier. I’ve discovered and enjoy Bards since, and order in a couple of cases of both beers at a time through our local bottle store (Darts in South Lake Tahoe). It is nice to have a couple to choose from! I’d love to see more bars and restaurants with GF beer options. Many of my non-celiac friends think they are decent beers.

  31. Sorry to hear about Redbridge being discontinued from Publix.

    As Connie- the above poster says, “Another good reason why we MUST support the manufacturers that are making life normal for us. When I am out, sometimes I don’t always feel like a beer, but if the establishment carries it, I order a Redbridge, just to show it is selling. ”

    My family does the same! We are all GF and always ask for Redbridge or GF menu even if we know that the restaurant does not carry it. Our hope is that the restaurant managers/owners will start to be aware of the need for gluten-free products and choices.

    Remember that each time we purchase GF products; that we are voting for change. I purchase a lot of GF products just to support the GF industry.

  32. Green’s is by far the very best GF beer you can buy…however, at over $6 per bottle, it’s not one I can afford very often. IMO, Redbridge is pretty darn good for a GF beer. Much better than Bard’s and New Grist, AND, because it’s made by a mass producer, I can actually find it in some restaurants, which is a real pleasure. The only grocery store still carrying Redbridge here is Whole Foods, which is very upsetting. It’s discrimination to discontinue something when it’s meant for a small portion of the population anyway. What did Publix think?? You can’t make a fortune on anything for Celiacs, but you can offer a product that will help make life a little easier and happier for them.

  33. I do hope that A B continues to produce Redbridge. I drink about 3 or 4 bottles a day. I really enjoy it and couldn’t imagine going back to drinking pop.
    It would be a real tragedy if they stopped making it.

  34. I worked 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry and profit certainly is a motivating force but we also developed and sold “orphan drugs” that were used by as little as 5 or 10 people whose lives were saved or made much more liveable and at little or no cost to the user as the costs were covered by profits from other block busting drugs. We did it because we cared. Apparently the brewing business does not share that belief.

  35. My guy is the beer drinker and he likes New Grist the best, then Dragon’s Gold/Bard’s, then Redbridge. We sometimes get the Woodchuck ciders, too. We can sometimes get New Grist at Earth Fare in Augusta, GA but usually special order it and the Bard’s by the case from a local wine store. Redbridge is at several stores but they’re often out off it. By ordering it we’re sure to get what we want and they often order a little more to have on hand for other folks.

  36. Has the company ever advertised it at all? I find it unbelievable that all the beer brands that are only marginally different — if that — from each other continue to be sold but the one mainstream gluten-free beer is in question? How well would the others sell if they weren’t marketed?

  37. i have been on a gf diet. 4. 5 month i had a hard time finding gf beer so i ask local disb. if he would check on geting it for me. a week later he had it and i was greatfull.i get a case a month for 8.oo $ for 6 pack?. o i am in beaver county pa. thanks to am anheiser busch yes it good beer keep making the good st.

  38. I really hope they don’t discontinue Redbridge! I live in Boulder, Colorado and dispite the fact this town is incredibely gluten-free friendly, it isn’t easy finding liquor stores or restaurants that carry a gluten-free beer. So far, Redbridge is the only beer I seem to be able to find anywhere.

  39. I love Redbridge and here in IL it is still available at most stores (Whole Foods and Jewel-Osco) Bards however is only available at select independent stores and some Binny’s. I actually prefer Bards taste wise but enjoy switching off now and then. I hope that both become more widely available in the future.

  40. Three years ago we had our first Redbridge in Seattle, at P F Changs, My kids ( all in their 20’s) tried it and were impressed. It would be ludicrous for AB to stop making such a good product. Maybe they should try ADVERTISING Redbridge . Thank goodness our local market brings it in for us.

  41. I am not much of a beer drinker but I always keep Redbridge on hand – just in case! I have never found any other gf beer on the grocery store shelves and was very excited when I found Redbridge at our local Wal Mart. I live in a small town in Washington state and gluten free goodies are hard to come by. I’ll be saddened if AB discontinues their fairly accessible gf beer.

  42. i hope this is not true, it took a while to find a good gluten free beer i love redbridge. i have to agree with others i wish it was in more restaurants,stores and bars they should advertise it better.
    keep buying everybody!!!!!!!!!

  43. I had my first bottle of Redbridge beer last week and thought is was great. It’s nice to know that there is a good tasting gluten free beer available to purchase. I agree that it should be advertised more. I discovered it at a gluten free support group meeting at an Omaha, NE. HyVee grocery store. Why not put it their weekly ads?.

  44. I love Redbridge and it would be ASHAME if they discontinued it! I have tried all the gf beers, but Newgrist and like Redbridge the best!

  45. I have enjoyed the Redbridge and Bards tale beers. It is very nice to go to Uno Pizza and be able to get GF pizza and a beer instead of making your own pizza at home.

  46. Ironically I just bought my first Redbridge beer yesterday, the same day I received this email. I am newly diagnosed with Celiac and was told about this beer. I used it to make Chili last evening. I was so excited to hear this was available and was surprised at how good it tastes. I would be so disappointed if it goes away. I will continue to buy it as long as its available.

  47. Keep in mind that even though ALL Publix stores dropped Redbridge from their line up, any Publix store manager is happy to get it in specifically for you as long as you ask for it and give them your phone number so you can be notified when it arrives. I found one 6-pack in the gf food section of my Publix yesterday, next to the Dark & Dry Cider they ordered at my request. There are just a handful of stores that have enough room for the large gf food section which allows for the drinks to be stored there. All others would need to order in Redbridge per customer requests. Publix can order the beer as long as AB still makes it, and your local distributor carries it (some have dropped it in the last month). AB’s ad budget for Redbridge is $0. They counted on the gf community to spread the word.

  48. I have tried several gluten-free beers and like Redbridge the best. It is a bit hard to find in resturants but some do carry it. Even my husband who can drink regular beers thinks Redbridge is good. We buy it by the case from a local distributor and store it in the basement!

  49. I have been drinking Redbridge for about a year now. It is the only one in my area that is gluten-free. I like it alot, and have found out that adding a lemon to it, actually defines the taste more. I would be very sorry to see it go, I guess I will stock up on it, especially for the upcoming summer.

  50. Here’s an interesting perspective a reader emailed in:

    First off, thanks for doing a good job with your newsletter. It’s informative and you have useful information. Second, why is it that someone out there, you for example, with a forum already established (your newsletter) can’t begin to rally the gluten-free people to contact the producers of gf products – like Whole Foods 365, like Redbridge, etc. and campaign for them to continue producing gf products? Take Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts, for example. Here they are pushing, pushing their gluten products on every Tom, Dick and Harry but do they give a damn about those in need of gluten free? Not one bit do they care so long as their cash registers ring up sales. There has to be some corporate responsibilities out there and unless there is a concerted movement, they’ll just continue doing nothing to develop and produce gf products. Why bother? But if there’s a big enough campaign for them to take notice, then they’ll never bother. Start a ‘blacklist’ or a boycott of these big company’s products until they listen to we in the minority.
    Even your newsletter. You say that these companies can’t continue to produce a product unless they’re going to profit and the local store can’t sell it because he can’t sell it. Nuts I say to that concession. They should advertise their very good products – not to the Celiac community as such – but to anyone and everyone out there that wants a gluten-free product. Take Whole Foods. They decide to stop selling their 365 brand and all of us lay over and say, “too bad, there goes another.” Why not call Whole Foods on the carpet, begin to boycott their stores, walk the picket lines, etc. and even if that does no good, it’ll at least get the gf community mobilized for the next battle. Too often newletters inform on what most already know or will know shortly anyway. Or they say to attend a new cooking class or look at the new gf recipes… arn’t they nice. We gf people are in a battle to 1) get large companies to produce gf products and 2) to offer those products at a reasonable price. When will we understand that and begin to take action?
    Thanks for the forum.

  51. Redbridge is the only gluten free beer available in my area and I like it very much. I can only get it at one of the larger liquor stores- none of the local restaurants serve it- and I am afraid the store is going to drop if because, as with Publix, it is not very profitable and is taking up shelf space. I will be very sorry if this happens and I have to see it go.

  52. Oddly enough before I received your newsletter I was in my local grocery store and found the Redbridge Beer in the Gluren Free section of my grocery store on the bottom shelf. It was near the pretzels, crackers and other GF products. I thought that was odd and now I know why. I’ve recently visited Whole Foods and had to ask for the beer. It was either hidden or in the back room. Thats too bad, between New Grist and Redbridge, Redbridge is the favorite. I can’t seem to find Bards in my area but will definatly need to give it a taste test.
    Thanks for you great information for those who choose to be GF.

  53. Redbridge is the best GF beer I’ve found. I wish I could find it at restaurants when I go out, since that’s when I normally would like to drink it.

  54. I enjoyed Redbridge beer, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it here in Phoenix, AZ for at least 6 months. It seems all stores that I have been in have dropped it and our local krogers aka Frys never carried it.

  55. As a former Bud Lite fan, I was happy to find Redbridge after being diagnosed gluten intollerant. I can find Redbridge in Walgreen Drugstores & some Fry’s, even at WalMart (occassionally). If we are fans, we need to let Anheuser/Busch know & we need to promote it among our GF friends. We can request that our store carry it or order it in for us.

  56. I sure hope they are going to continue to make Redbridge. I also agree with some of the others that they would have it at restaurants, especially at ones that offer gluten free menus. Someone needs to get with Anheuser/Busch regarding this..

  57. I do not have a gluten intolerance or Celiac’s, but I prefer Redbridge beer over other beers as I don’t get that full feeling when I dring Redbride. I think if the beer were marketed also to the general public, many more people would begin to drink it and realize it really is a great tasting beer, irregardless of whether you need to avoid gluten or not.

  58. That is sad to hear that stores are dropping GF items. Especially the Whole Foods brownie mix. That was really good. But try Trader Joe’s GF brownie mix, it is just as good.
    As far as GF beer is concerned, I find the Green’s so much better than the Redbridge, although it is a lot more expensive.

  59. Redbridge is the best gluten-free beer available commercially. For it to become more popular and have a greater audience it needs to be offered in restaurants and bars. If they would stock it and advertise it I believe they would sell it. I have tried all the rest of the commercial gluten-free beers. I even brew my own gluten-free sorghum molasses beer when I have time. Bard’s Tale is a distant second and all the rest are tied for last.

  60. I prefer Newbridge over Grist Mill for sure. I can normally only find Newbridge at Harris Teeter or Total Wine. I sure hope AB does not discontinue Newbridge. The Kroger near us does not have Newbridge but after seeing above that they carry it I will be asking them to carry it at the local store. Will have to try Bard’s some time if I can find it. Thanks.

  61. I have not had a beer in 16 years and discovered Redbridge this past year and I think it is great tasting (over New Grist) and have asked markets in my area to stock this beer and they have stocked their shelves. I have not yet found other gluten-free beers anywhere else. Thank you Anheiser-Busch for joining in the gluten-free world.

  62. I was very sad to hear a few weeks ago that our local Anheiser-Busch distributor was going to drop Redbridge as I travel a lot and have tried to taste test any of the GF beers I find. Based on my experience, i will go back to drinking wine if they take Redbridge off of the market everywhere. It is by far the closest thing to the type of beer I used to drink. I announced the proposed removal by our local distributor at the GF meeting I run and at two other meetings I attend. I asked everyone to e-mail our local distributor and will now ask everyone to include the Anheiser-Busch company and Publix headquarters (in FL). Hopefully all of the readers of this article will help start a e-mail campaign. If Anheiser-Busch had spent one tenth of the advertising funds on Redbridge that they have on Bud Lite — Redbridge sales would be enough to be counted.

  63. I love Redbridge beer and buy it all the time. I do not want to see it disappear from the shelves.

    I do recall seeing it in Walmart but I could be wrong.

  64. On a recent trip to Colorado I was told that Anheiser-Busch was not going to distribute Redbridge Beer anymore. Upon returning to Columbus, Ohio, I checked with our local distrubutor and was told they have not heard anything about A-B dropping Redbridge. In fact, they told me that it is very popular in Central Ohio.

    I agree with an earlier post. I wish A-B would do a little advertising of Redbridge and also would promote it at stadiums and arenas. In a crowd of 20,000 people, there would be enough people willing to buy it that it would be worth it to the caterer at the stadium/arena if it was available.

  65. According to both Aramark and Levy Restaurants, most stadiums already serve Redbridge at MLB baseball parks. Some NFL stadiums serve it as well. The issue is finding the one or two remote areas they sell it at either. Right after Turner Field introduced Redbridge in Atlanta last year, many fans reported it was not available. It actually was, but unless you knew where to look for it, you never would have run across it. Several parks also offer gluten- free food stands that offer burgers and hot dogs with gluten-free buns. Even the minor league for the Braves in northern Atlanta sells Redbridge.


  67. Sad that AB would want to remove a product as good as Redbridge. I would go out more often and be willing to have a bar bill for a Redbridge at a restaurant! Sad that ANY GF item would need to be removed for lack of a following when it is so good. I urge anyone who likes a cold beer in the summer time, to get a 6 pack of Redbridge now and try it. Then when you are as convinced as I and the others here are, you should buy a couple cases and put it away for the summer! You won’t be disappointed. An idea for everyone: if we ALL send an email message every day for a couple of weeks, then repeat in one month, I think it would wake up AB to the need for the Redbridge. Include the need for it in restaurants as well in your email.

  68. I hope they don’t stop making Redbridge. It tastes a whole lot better than all the other gluten free beers and it is cheaper. I was hoping they would start making 12 packs and move on to 24 packs. Please do not stop selling it!!!!!!

  69. I love Redbridge. I will be very disappointed if this beer is discontinued and if Publix’s stops having it on the shelve. These companies need to understand one thing – 1 in 133 people have Celiac. Most of these people, like me, will shop only at stores that have gluten free products. We come to their store and buy all our other groceries. What if we all went to another store. Would that not hurt their sales overall? I wish more resturants and bars would carry more gluten free foods.

  70. LOVE REDBRIDGE! Tried other G-F’s and they cannot compare. Colorado – where I live – recently changed the law and now cannot beer that’s close to 3.2 in the liquor store. So it’s off the shelves as far as I can tell. Nearby Wyoming still sells is to a road trip may be in order.

  71. I have been exploring for a bit for any high-quality articles or blog posts on this kind of area . Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this web site. Reading this information So i am happy to convey that I have an incredibly good uncanny feeling I discovered exactly what I needed. I most certainly will make certain to don’t forget this web site and give it a glance regularly.

  72. My husband and I are enjoying Redbridge Beer which is available now. Hopefully, you will continue to be readily available.

  73. I hope they discontinue Redbridge & Foxtail. I dont like them, they leave a nasty after taste n your mouth. Bard’s may cost more, but its worth it. It got a better taste and If your a true beer drinker you will love it. If we can get rid of Redbridge & Foxtail it will leave more room on the shelf for Bard’s

  74. I love this beer; please keep it; I am just now starting to drink it; I get it at my local Wegman’s grocery store

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