Gluten-free Soup Options

Kettle Cuisine Chicken Chili
Kettle Cuisine Chicken Chili

Trouble finding gluten free soup? When someone first starts the gluten-free diet, something that usually surprises them is the fact that most mainstream soups contain gluten in the form of wheat. At one time Campbell’s said about five of their soups were gluten-free, but these days they won’t confirm the few that are made without gluten ingredients are gluten-free, due to the way they are made. Some Swanson broths (made by Campbell’s) are gluten-free. If you would like to see some gluten-free soups offered by Campbell’s, consider calling the company to let them know. The toll free number is 1-800-257-8443.  You can also contact them via their website here.

Up until recently, many Progresso soups also contained gluten, thought that seems to be changing since the company introduced their new Live Gluten Freely website a while back. The growing list of gluten-free soups is now up to 14. The Chicken with Rice and Vegetables is wonderful and the delicious Chicken Cheese Enchilada soup is very versatile. The Creamy Mushroom soup from Progresso has been gluten-free for a long time and now it’s finally labeled as such.

Here are some of the product lines that make gluten-free soup. Some are labeled as such and some are not. As always, people need to choose the products that they feel comfortable consuming. I’ve had gluten-free offerings from all the lines and am thrilled to have so many soup options these days.

  • Amy’s Kitchen gluten-free options are labeled as such.
  • Bear Creekmanufacturer does not label gluten-free options but at last check.
  • Fantastic World Foodssome soup cups from this line are labeled gluten-free.
  • Frontier Soupsgluten-free options are labeled as such
  • Imaginegluten-free options are labeled as such; over 20 gluten-free soups/broths available from this line.
  • Kettle Cuisine – ALL 10 soups in the line are gluten-free; some are also dairy-free.
  • Pacific Natural Foods – gluten-free options are labeled as such; over 30 gluten-free soups/broths available from this line.
  • Progresso – gluten-free options are labeled as such.
  • Thai Kitchen – gluten-free options are labeled as such; company makes instant rice noodle soup mixes and many are also dairy-free.

Fantastic World Foods makes soup cups which are great for travel, though there are only a few that are gluten-free. The Potato Leek soup cup is pretty good and all you need is a microwave, water and a spoon to have hot soup in about five minutes. The Kettle Cuisine soups are in the freezer and take 4-6 minutes to cook in the microwave. The Chicken Chili is my favorite from that line. The gluten-free soups and broths from Progresso are clearly labeled now and there is no added MSG in the products either.

For the more ambitious people out there who like to make their own home made soups, here are a few interesting soup recipes we found in the gluten-free blogosphere:

Even though we enjoyed temperatures of over 60 degrees last weekend, the cold weather has returned and it’s likely we have a good month (or more) before soup season is over here. While soup can be enjoyed all year long, when it’s 95 in Hotlanta with 80% humidity – and it’s not raining – the last thing I’m interested in eating is piping hot soup.

UPDATE: Thanks to Brook for sending us this information about Health Valley Soups. It appears the manufacturer no longer states some of their soups are gluten-free. Therefore I have removed them for the safe soup list above. It sure would be nice if we had a gluten-free labeling law in this country! Alert from Clan Thompson’s website:

There are almost 30 companies that make gluten-free soup, soup mixes and stews listed in the Triumph Dining Gluten-Free Grocery Guide. Let us know if your favorite soup isn’t listed above.

5 thoughts on “Gluten-free Soup Options”

  1. Imagine soups are FANTASTIC. I’m in love with their creamy tomato soup. I recently had a taste of Campbell’s tomato, and thought, “I used to like this?! It’s watery tomato crap!”

    Bottom line here, if you like tomato soup, go get Imagine, it kicks Campbell’s butt.

  2. Kiera – I totally agree and incredibly, I just found ready-made Imagine gluten-free gravies – turkey and beef. I’m not into gravy but what a great item for people who are. You can just take your own gravy for holiday dinners or whatever. One container, which is about 1/3 of a large box of their soup is $.99 here. Not bad for people who would rather not make gravy and don’t need a lot of it.

  3. I happen to have some frozen Tabatchnick soup heating right now. Don’t know if they’re available nationally, but I’ve seen them in most supermarkets in NJ/NY. Their website has a GF list, though for some reason only the organic line (harder to find) is labeled GF. Many are dairy-free too. I’ve often seen them for under $2 a box (two packets, which can be two small or one large serving) and the sodium counts aren’t outrageous.

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