Gluten-free Lasagna Recipe Roundup

IMG_0188Before I was living gluten-free I never made lasagna at home, ever. Once I started the gluten-free diet, I always yearned to order lasagna at Italian restaurants. When the gluten-free dinner club in our area had a gluten-free lasagna event, almost fifty people showed up – a record for the group at the time. Sugo hosted that dinner and it was a magical night, no doubt. Gluten-free lasagna is not on the Sugo menu but it was really amazing when they made it as a special for the group!

Even though it’s fairly difficult to find a place to dine out that offers gluten-free lasagna, making it at home is easier than you think. I use a basic recipe as a reference and sub Tinkyada pasta for the noodles. Most of the time I use ground turkey (no sausage) omit the eggs and dried spices, use both ricotta and cottage cheeses and use sauce from a jar that I doctor up a bit with the Italian Blend from Alchemy Spice. To save time, I boil water and pour it over dry uncooked noodles and soak them for 15 minutes. The noodles will finish cooking in the oven. Instead of following the baking instructions in the recipe (that I use more as a reference), I bake the lasagna at 350 for about an hour, covering with foil when the cheese starts to turn golden brown. Baking the dish for 30-45 minutes would not ensure the noodles would cook thoroughly, but you could always cook them ahead of time, of course.

Gluten-free lasagna recipes are plentiful on the web and it was hard to narrow the options down to list here.

At our house garlic bread goes with lasagna – always. Luckily, we usually have baguettes from Everybody Eats in the freezer. This is our favorite bread to make garlic bread with. It’s crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Doesn’t sound like gluten-free bread, right? It’s not only gluten-free, it’s also amazingly delicious! People don’t usually believe the bread is as good as everyone says it is until they try it for themselves. It’s simply different – in a great way – than a lot of other gluten-free baguettes out there. In fact, it’s good enough to impress discriminating glutenoids!

The best gluten-free lasagna noodles that I’m aware are available in the U.S. are Tinkyada, though I’ve not looked for other versions in a while. Tinkyada is sold in many health food stores, some mainstream grocery stores and online at  places like and The Gluten-Free Trading CompanyThe Grocery Guide also lists lots of brands that sell gluten-free pasta and noodles. Since the meat, sauce and cheese flavors overtake the actual taste of the pasta, gluten-free lasagna is one of the best things to serve a gluten eating crowd. Unless you tell people the dish is gluten-free, no one will be able to tell the difference between “normal” lasagna and a gluten-free version.

Check out Sarah’s post for even more tasty gluten-free lasagna recipes!

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  1. We also have success with the Tinkyada noodles. We cook for an hour total at 350°, with the last 15 minutes uncovered. This makes a nice steamy environment, so that we don’t have to cook the noodles at all. They absorb the juices nicely and stay perfectly al dente. Much easier than handling slippery cooked noodles!

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