canyon-whiteAny time I’m contacted by Gluten Free Dee to do a product review, I know I’m in for a real treat. Dee is the person who introduced me (and countless others) to Udi’s and GF Sandwich Petals. I consider the products from those companies to be among the most exciting gluten-free items introduced in a very long time. Now I can add Canyon Bakehouse products to that same list!

Dee Valdez and I agree about a very important issue that affects the gluten-free community. We should not be eating food that tastes like cardboard. Gone are the days when gluten-free bread was only edible if it was heated. Toasting is not required with many of the new innovative breads being produced today. People who enjoy baking their own bread can enjoy wonderful gluten-free breads from companies like Gluten-Free Naturals, Breads by AnnaJules Gluten Free and Pamela’s. I’m not one who enjoys baking bread so I’m very glad that I can just pick up a loaf of soft bread at the store now, like everyone else.   

My sample box of products from Canyon Gluten-Free Bakehouse arrived last week. The wonderful aroma of rosemary wafted from the package when I opened it. How exciting to find a loaf of Rosemary & Thyme Gluten Free Focaccia under the packing materials! When I felt the loaves of bread, I had to rip open the Mountain White sandwich bread right then and there. I quickly spread a little all natural peanut butter on the soft bread. It was absolutely delicious! Surprisingly, the bread is also quite nutritious. One slice of bread has 2 grams of both fiber and protein!

Because I needed the focaccia bread for a dinner party, I only took out a tiny bit it of to review and froze the rest. Again, the bread was amazing! This shockingly soft bread is perfect for slicing into strips, toasting and then dipping in olive oil. I’m not sure I want to be able to buy this bread locally, because I don’t need that kind of temptation around all the time. Focaccia is something I’ve long missed since going gluten-free and this is the only commercial gluten-free focaccia that I’ve ever had (or heard about). Obviously, I am not aware of every single gluten-free item available in this country – or the world for that matter.

Next up was the Cinnamon Raisin Bread from Canyon Bakehouse. The texture of this bread is wonderful, similar to the Mountain White Bread from the line. I toasted the bread to make toast and thought it tasted great. However, I’m a huge cinnamon fan and would like more cinnamon in the bread. Most people would probably not enjoy the amount of cinnamon that I like in an item, but even my husband (who doesn’t flip over cinnamon like I do) agreed that at least a little more cinnamon was in order for this bread.

Canyon Bakehouse is located in Loveland, Colorado. (What are they putting in the water in Colorado anyway?!) All of the products are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. The products are made with all natural ingredients and are gluten, dairy, soy and nut free! People can follow the company on Twitter and Facebook. Online ordering is now available and the company is looking to expand to the East coast eventually. Currently, no stores on this side of the country carry Canyon Bakehouse products. Several Whole Foods Market locations carry this line on the West coast. If you aren’t in an area where stores carry these brands, you can check the Grocery Guide for common store brands of gluten-free breads.

Today is National PB&J day. In honor of the holiday, I think I’ll have a half pb&j sandwich on Canyon Bakehouse’s White Mountain bread!

Special thanks to Gluten Free Dee for including me in her new product test taste and to Canyon Bakehouse for making such amazing gluten-free products!