mm8c5210c89e9450Mellow Mushroom, the Atlanta based pizza chain with locations in ten states, has been working on rolling out gluten-free pizza for well over a year. They went as far as creating their own crust recipe with the flour from Domata. The company hoped to make the crusts up at their commisary and ship them out to the various locations. However, after learning about cross contamination issues, that idea wasn’t actually feasible. This was disappointing news because it pushed back the date of the test market program.

At the end of last year, Mellow Mushroom announced that they were about to roll out a gluten-free test market program, offering the pizza in a few select locations. The crusts were reportedly coming from a midwest bakery that was making the Domata flour crusts to Mellow Mushroom specs. Since Mellow Mushroom is known for having some of the best pizza around, most people had high hopes for the crust that the company created to bear their name.

The Mellow Mushroom gluten-free test market program didn’t kick off in the beginning of the year, as had been expected. There were still a few kinks to work out. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to serving the allergen community. Therefore, Mellow Mushroom fans have been trying to be patient as the final plans were put in place for the first gluten-free pizzas to be offered at select locations.

Finally, this week, Mellow Mushroom issued a statement about the gluten-free pizza roll out. The long awaited news was exciting to be sure. However, the company has done a total turn around regarding the gluten-free crust. They have now agreed to purchase the crusts from Still Riding Pizza, which some of you might know from Pizza Fusion fame. The crusts are made in a 100% gluten-free facility.

The Mellow Mushroom locations that started serving the gluten-free pizza on April 5th are as follows:

  • Delray Beach, FL
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Burlington, NC
  • Durham, NC
  • Statesboro, GA
  • Albany, GA
  • Conyers, GA
  • Peachtree City, GA

If the test market program doesn’t meet whatever expectations the company has for it, the gluten-free pizzas are not going to roll out to other locations. Hopefully, people in the areas where these stores are will support this great effort by Mellow Mushroom. The company is reporting that the new crust will rise like their gluten pizzas do. While you’re waiting for Mellow Mushroom’s pizza to appear in your area, the Restaurant Guide lists chain and independent pizza restaurants all over America.

Zach over at Gluten Free Raleigh is test tasting the pizza in NC some time this week so hopefully he’ll post in depth review of his experience soon!