glutenfreegraphicOne of the things most people living gluten-free can’t order when dining out is a sandwich. People in NYC can have gluten-free deli sandwiches at several places and the zpizza locations in Atlanta now have gluten-free sandwiches. In Denver, Udi’s Cafes offer gluten-free sandwiches and so does The Little Aussie Bakery in San Antonio. Other cities have various options as well, but generally speaking, gluten-free sandwich options in restaurants are far and few between.

Jason’s Deli is a national chain with locations all over the U.S. The company uses healthy products in their restaurants and none of their deli meats contain MSG. Jason’s Deli is always striving to offer even more healthy options and recently began investigating the option of bringing in gluten-free bread for sandwiches. We’ve never been to a Jason’s Deli before but if a location near us offered gluten-free sandwiches, I’d certainly check it out!

The following information is from the Jason’s Deli website -

At Jason’s Deli, we’re all about healthy food. We’ve even been named “One of the 10 Best Restaurants in America!” in the July 2009 issue of Parents Magazine. You won’t find high fructose corn syrup, trans fats or MSG in any of our food – just healthy, fresh and even organic foods. From sandwiches to salads, Jason’s Deli offers healthy food that everyone can feel good about. And it’s not only healthy food – it’s delicious food.

The people in our area who have eaten at Jason’s Deli report that the gluten-free options are presently pretty limited. Even so, they also report that managers really seem concerned with making sure that gluten-free meals are safely prepared. This is not always the case at this price point restaurant, regardless of the existence of a gluten-free menu. Like I always tell people – the most important part of the Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide to me is the section explaining how to dine out safely.

So, here is our chance to be heard by a company that is carefully considering getting into the gluten-free market. Jason’s Deli is asking potential gluten-free customers to weigh in on their decision about offering gluten-free sandwiches. Please take a moment to vote on this poll. It takes less than a minute and the actions of our community might greatly impact the decision that the powers-that-be at Jason’s Deli ultimately make. Not many mainstream companies ask for our feedback before they enter the gluten-free market place so we need to take full advantage of this great opportunity being offered by Jason’s Deli. Make your voice count and vote now if you haven’t already. What a great way to start the week!