New Flavors of Bhuja Gluten-free Snacks!

packs_usaOne day while browsing my local health food store, I came across a new snack labeled gluten-free made by Bhuja. However, the ingredients included soy sauce and unlike other gluten-free items, it did not state the  soy sauce was gluten-free. I was going to put the bag back on the shelf until I saw that is was made in Australia – a country known to be way ahead of the U.S. regarding celiac disease and gluten intolerance. I bought the bag and contacted the company via their website to verify the soy sauce in the product was gluten-free. It took them a day to reply but the product was confirmed to be gluten-free. So I’ve been addicted to the delicious Indian inspired snack mix since then!

Back then, there were four flavors of the snack mix, but I really only love the Cracker Mix. The other three flavors are the Nut Mix, Friut Mix and Orignial Mix. All the products in the line are gluten-free, made from 100% all natural ingredients and have a good amount of protein in them. They are also made in a gluten-free facility, testing at 15 ppm or less. As snacks go, they are fairly healthy and quite addictive. Even so, eating just a small amount of the snack will fill you up faster than you’d imagine. The snack is quite unlike corn or potato chips in that way. A little really goes a long way, which is nice since the price is on the high side. They are being shipped in from Australia, after all.

Excerpt from the Bhuja website:

Spice up your life with Majans Bhuja – the tasty, wholesome snack that’s great for a nibble anytime. An Indian family favorite, the origin of Bhuja mixes and spices dates back many, many years and each household has its own recipe – including Majans. In Australia, Majans was the first company to manufacture Bhuja commercially and make it available nationwide.

BJA_200g_Peas_r1_v1 (2)There are now four new flavors of snacks from Bhuja. The full page ad on the back of the current Delight gluten-free magazine shows the four new flavors. They include Seasoned Peanuts, Seasoned Almonds, Seasoned Cashews and Crunchy Seasoned Peas. The latter is the one I really want to try if I can find it. There are crunchy peas in the Cracker Mix and they are my favorite part! The items are sold at Whole Foods and many health food stores. To find out if they are available in your area, check the website “where to buy” link.  They can also be purchased online from various websites, including I ususally stock up on these when they are on sale for $3 at Whole Foods. The normal price here is $3.99 so at least I save 25% by doing that.

One thing I love using the Bhuja snacks for is when I go out to eat out somewhere that might not offer any gluten-free appetizers. I take a small baggie of the mix in my purse and then ask for a small bowl to put it in if I have to wait for others to eat appetizers I can’t have. I find that by doing this, I don’t feel like eating the tablecloth before my meal finally arrives. There is something about watching other people eat that makes me feel hungrier than I really am. With handy Bhuja snack mixes available, I can curb my hunger by eating just a little of this tasty crunchy treat!

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