imagesThe Gluten Intolerance Group is asking the youth in our community to help with a very worthwhile cause. They are asking kids to print this petition and ask people sign it to bring attention to the need for gluten-free lunches in the public education system in the U.S. This is a retro style petition – it must be printed and signed the old fashioned way and can not be done online. The completed petition pages will be presented to House Representative Betty McCollum at the GIG Annual Education Conference in June, in Minneapolis.

Sometimes I get annoyed that I have to always know where my next meal is coming from. Living gluten-free requires one to be more organized than the average person has to be. But I can’t imagine how Mothers with celiac or gluten-free kids deal with having to constantly worry about feeding those kids safely – day in and day out. Every meal and snack and birthday and pizza party requires pre-planning and extra work that other Moms don’t have to do.

Now add to their chores having to pack a gluten-free lunch every day for school. Most schools in the U.S. do not offer gluten-free meals to students that need them. This isn’t slightly surprising, of course. The medical community is still not caught up with much of the rest of the world on the issue of celiac disease or food allergies and intolerances in general. Why would anyone expect schools to understand the needs of kids that can’t just eat whatever the lunch ladies put on their trays?

Hopefully everyone will share the petition campaign information with everyone that needs to know about it. There are just a few weeks to get petitions signed and get them sent into GIG. Our community as a whole can do more than any one person could ever do alone. That’s something people need to keep in mind when they think they can’t make a difference. It’s about making a difference as part of a larger group – a large cause. It’s way past time for U.S. schools to offer safe meals for all kids that walk their halls. Together – we really can make a difference!