gf-browniesWhen the news about these new mixes came out a couple of months ago, it was rather shocking. The small Vermont based, employee-owned company has been known to produce some exceptional quality (mostly) gluten flours for over 200 years. That’s right, when the company was founded, George Washington had just been elected President. King Arthur Flour has always been a company committed to making quality products. Now, it seems they’ve set their sights on producing some fabulous gluten-free products. All of the new gluten-free mixes are also free of eggs, dairy, soy, nuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish. They do call for eggs and in some cases, butter, like traditional baking mixes. I used canola oil instead of butter in both mixes.

Excerpt from the press release:

“We wanted to create gluten-free mixes that would not only meet the same high standards we apply to all of our products in terms of flavor and texture, but also reflect the highest standards of gluten- and allergen-free certification,” says King Arthur Flour Marketing Director Tom Payne. “We’ve brought to bear our more than two centuries of experience in baking and recipe development, toiling in our test kitchen for over two years to combine the best gluten-free ingredients in novel ways that result in gluten-free baking mixes of superior quality, consistency and taste.”

King Arthur Flour’s gluten-free baking mixes are the only major brand to be third-party certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization, with standards twice as stringent as those set by the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, they are produced in a dedicated allergen-free facility, guaranteed to be free of the top eight most common food allergens. They are also certified Kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. Says Payne, “We’re sure customers will agree these are the very best gluten-free mixes on the market today.”

First up was the brownie mix. It was easy to mix up with a bamboo spoon and I lined my pan with foil so there was very little clean up. The brownies reminded me of those I ate as a child. They are rich, moist, chewy and have a flaky top. The box says to freeze the brownies that are not eaten within three days. Ours held up perfectly for five full days. Even though the brownies tasted great right after they cooled (and while they were still warm!), they tasted even better every day after they were made, than on the day I baked them. Many gluten-free baked goods are really best the day they’re made. That means if you’re going to an event and need to take something sweet, you have to bake something that day. This is not the case with these delicious brownies. Just bake them the day before and put them in an air tight container and you’re good to go! My husband didn’t feel like sharing these brownies with co-workers so we could not get an opinion about them from glutenoids this time.

Next up was the chocolate cake mix. First of all, the mix makes a two layer cake so right away, it gets a big thumbs up just for that from me. Whoever thought of selling us mixes that make only a 1-layer cake did us and the environment (wasteful packaging) a great disservice. Very few people have a need to make a 1-layer cake and we can add. We know when we buy two mixes for $4 each, we are paying $8 to make 2-layer cake. The first time I read a mix that said it only made a 1-layer cake, I literally thought it was a typo.

cakeOK – so how was the King Arthur Flour gluten-free chocolate cake mix? Well, if you know what Devil’s Food cake tastes like, you know what this cake tastes like. It was chocolaty, moist, rich – perfect! Because I was in a rush for time, I slapped some whipped milk chocolate canned frosting from Betty Crocker on the cake. Even using canned frosting could not hurt this fabulous cake. The frosting was actually surprising good, but it’s not the same as homemade buttercream frosting, of course.

The cake was enjoyed by several gluten-free people and a couple of people that eat gluten. Everyone said they loved it and they were not just being nice. They knew I was reviewing the mix and needed their honest feedback. The following day, the friend I left the cake with took the rest of it to a house full of glutenoids and they all loved it as well. Hearing that proved to me that I can serve this delicious cake to the most finicky eaters around and they will never know it’s gluten-free unless I tell them. I’m going to have a agree with the company’s slogan – these mixes were definitely worth the wait!

The new mixes will start hitting some store shelves in June and are already available for online ordering. If you don’t see them in local stores that sell the gluten King Arthur Flour products, be sure to ask the store manager to add the gluten-free mixes to the next order from the company. While you’re waiting for King Arthur’s mixes, you can already buy various baking mixes from 24 store brands listed in the Grocery Guide. Special thanks to King Arthur for my review mixes!