Domino_s_logo_-transpMost of us that live in the U.S. are aware that this country is behind many other countries in terms of gluten-free options – both dining and products. In Australia, there is an amazing allergen food show that puts shows held in the U.S. to shame. And there have been some pretty amazing gluten-free and allergen events held here in the last few years. The presence of that Australian show is probably related to the fact that it’s “normal” for pizza places there to offer gluten-free pizza. When I first heard Dr. Peter Green talk about that fact in a radio interview, I almost fell off my chair.

Well, now the folks in New Zealand have something to celebrate in terms of gluten-free options anyway. Domino’ s Pizza, one of the largest pizza chains in the world, announced that they will offer 13 varieties of gluten-free pizzas in their New Zealand locations. This news comes to us via Wow! Can you imagine if that happened in the U.S.? I actually can not – it would seem too unreal. We ordered pizza from a local place when I ate gluten and didn’t care much for Domino’s. Even so, if the company introduced gluten-free pizza here, I’d be the first in line to check it out!  I love Erin’s take on this interesting news on GutenFreeFun. I also agree with her that it would likely be quite a while before something that exciting happened here in the states.

One of the things I’ve always tried to do is let people that can eat gluten know how amazing the food we eat is. It takes a while (and a lot of wasted money!) to find the items you love, but they are out there for the enjoying. Want a powdered doughnut? Try the version from Celiac Specialties. Don’t like plain rice pasta? Try imported corn versions from Italy or blends from companies like Dr. Schar. Need a gluten-free cheese cracker that tastes as good as or better than the gluten versions – check out The Grainless Baker version.

I know some gluten eaters that now eat some gluten-free items, just because they love the taste of them. The more people eating gluten-free – even just a few things – the better for us. The truth is that we are a relatively small market overall and will likely never make up the majority of food shoppers. Therefore, it’s important that people that can eat gluten also buy some gluten-free items. Certainly, the cost will keep many of them away, but some people can afford the food and when that’s the case, it’s a good idea to introduce them to some amazingly tasty products.

As sales of gluten-free specialty items rise, more companies decide to jump into the gluten-free game. You never know when a company like Domino’s decides it’s financially feasible to offer gluten-free pizzas in the U.S. If that’s something that would interest you, make sure and let the company know about it. This is the e-mail contact form for the U.S. headquarters. I could not locate a toll free phone  number on the website. While we’re wishing and hoping for the new pizza here in America, the Restaurant Guide has already listed 120 national and regional chain restaurants with gluten-free options. And if you’re reading this from New Zealand – enjoy the gluten-free pizza from Domino’s!