Gluten_Free_Muff_4ac0edd8d5ea6French Meadow Bakery started rolling out some gluten-free products several years ago. To date, the best things we’ve tried are the Fudge Brownies (you bake yourself), the Brownie Bites and the Gluten-free Tortillas. Recently, the company sent me some of their new Blueberry Muffins to review. The muffins are kind of small compared to many other gluten-free (and gluten) muffins. The smaller size is something I particularly like about them. So many muffins are just too big and have too many calories for my preference.

In addition to being gluten-free, the muffins from French Meadow Bakery are casein-free, lactose free and peanut free. They also carry the Kosher Parve symbol and contain 0 trans fats (per serving). When I read the ingredients and noticed that they don’t contain rice flour and do contain soy flour, I assumed I’d think the muffins were pretty good. I enjoy many items made with rice flour and have had many that taste way too gritty. If something is made with tapioca starch and soy flour, it usually makes the grade with me.

The French Meadow Bakery gluten-free muffins are individually wrapped – another feature I quite like. I can pull one out of the freezer as needed to enjoy the next morning to even to take to a coffee shop if need be. Surprisingly, the muffins are edible without being heated. They are best when heated, in my opinion, but in a pinch you can just eat them at room temperature. As gluten-free muffins go, these are pretty impressive when they are heated because they actually become quite fluffy in texture. That is likely due to the tapioca starch in them. There is no odd taste or texture – or funny aftertaste. I’m happy to report that the French Meadow Bakery blueberry muffins are quite delicious!

Each muffin contains 210 calories so I only eat one of them at a time. I always add butter which adds more fat and calories so these are more of an occasional treat – not an every day breakfast item for me. Due to the convenient packaging, these would be really great to throw in your bag to take on trips. They remain fresh several days after they are defrosted so you don’t have to pack them in a cooler on short journeys. I think these muffins are the perfect gluten-free breakfast item for airlines to add to their special meal offerings. Hey – anything is possible!

Now that I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Blueberry muffins from French Meadow Bakery, I’m definitely interested in trying the Apple Cinnamon version! Several items from this line are sold at Whole Foods, though not all products are at all stores. The gluten-free products are also available at some health food stores. Here is the store locator from the French Meadow Bakery. Be sure to check the gluten-free box when searching for locations near you that carry the line. If you decide to check out some of the gluten-free offerings from the company, be sure to print a coupon to save $1 on whatever you purchase. And if there are no French Meadow Bakeries near you, the Restaurant Guide lists many gluten-free bakeries and bakeries with gluten-free options.

*Special thanks to French Meadow Bakery for my muffin samples!