GFSticksThe new gluten-free pretzels from Snyder’s of Hanover recently rolled out to Whole Foods stores and some health food stores around the country. Although initially the company took a while to decide to have the products certified by GIG’s Gluten Free Certification Program, the company did come around and do the right thing in the end. The trusted GIG symbol is right on the front of the package. On the bag I bought, it’s actually a sticker, not printed on the bag. The first run of bags was printed before the company completed the rigorous GIG certification process. Also noted on the bag is the following allergen information:

  • Diary Free
  • Casein Free
  • Egg Free

The pretzels are low in fat, made from all natural ingredients and made in the U.S.A. They contain soy and the allergen statement indicates the product is made in a facility that handles peanut butter. I was under the impression after speaking with Snyder executives a couple of months ago that the pretzels were run on the same lines as wheat products, but that information is not noted anywhere on the package. It matters not to me how the pretzels are made, just that they are indeed gluten-free. Since GIG doesn’t put their respected stamp of approval on anything that isn’t truly safe, that’s all I need to feel comfortable trying the product.

Snyder’s of Hanover has been in the pretzel business since 1909 so you might say they know a thing or two about making great tasting pretzels. However, trying to recreate a gluten product into one that is gluten-free can be tricky for the most talented bakers and chefs. Though I’d heard nothing but nice things about the taste of the gluten-free pretzels from others who had tried them, I had to make up my own mind about the taste, of course. There are few pickier people than me when it comes to gluten-free replacement type foods. Some people that know me well wait for me to try something and if I like it, they’ll spend their money on it. They say that if I like a product, they will either like or love it.

The 8 oz. bag of pretzel sticks was only $2.99 at the Whole Foods in Atlanta. Upon opening the bag, I noticed the pretzels were bigger than any gluten-free version I’ve had before. The size isn’t important to me – all that matters is how they taste. I’m happy to report that the pretzels are delicious! After I scarfed down a few of them, I kind of freaked out and thought I’d picked up gluten pretzels by mistake. Nope – the big gluten-free was there on the bag, along with the reassuring GIG symbol. The pretzels are very crispy and have a buttery flavor which I really enjoy. However, since they don’t contain butter, dairy or casein, I’m not sure where that taste is coming from. Other reviews I’ve read also mention the buttery flavor.

Because it will take me a while to eat a whole bag of pretzels, I put them all into a Sterilite container immediately. Those (and Snapware) are the only type of plastic ware that keeps my gluten-free cookies, crackers and snacks – such as pretzels – fresh enough. We use them for ice cream cones, cereals – anything with a crunch goes into a Sterilite container. The containers are sold at Publix and Target in our area.

I love the twisted pretzels from Glutino and will continue to use them in my Chex party mix. If you are looking for snacks from somewhere other than Glutino or Snyder’s, the Grocery Guide lists nearly sixty brands, each selling various types of gluten-free chips and pretzels. However, the pretzel sticks from Snyder’s are a fantastic option to have! Now that I’ve tried them, I really want to taste the gluten-free certified Multi Grain Tortilla Chips from Snyder’s of Hanover. Getting 12% of the RDA of fiber from a snack food is very appealing to me!