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Sweet_Potato_Brownie_Mix_w1__85699_zoomOver the last few years, I’ve noticed (gluten-free) magazine ads for a company called Mixes from the Heartland. The company produces one of the largest gluten-free product lines in the U.S., in a 100% gluten-free facility. The company is one of the only gluten-free businesses producing bulk size mixes for commercial use. Their versatile mixes are sold in many parts of the world and is based in Texas.

I’ve never seen Mixes from the Heartland products in stores in our area, but the company contacted me about trying some of their products. Needless to say, I was excited for the opportunity. The company recently created a Gluten Free Buying Club. You can join for a year or a lifetime. The fees are nominal and being a member gets you lower pricing on the already reasonably priced mixes. For non member purchases there is a flat rate for shipping of $10 on orders under $99 and FREE shipping on orders over $99.

When my mixes arrived, I immediately noticed that many of them were for things I’d never seen gluten-free mixes for. Things like Tropical Coffee Bars, Impossible Coconut Pie (a revolutionary product!) and Sweet Potato Brownies. Since we love sweet potatoes, we had to make those next. The name itself it just too intriguing – we had to find out what Sweet Potato Brownies tasted like!

The brownies call for ½ stick of butter and two eggs. That’s it – super simple. However, mixing it up took a bit of elbow grease even using a sturdy bamboo spoon and the batter is too thick to pour so ignore that part of the instructions. Once the ingredients are mixed thoroughly, the batter can be spread – not poured – into the pan. It took about 28 minutes for the brownies to cook completely in our oven. They bake at 325 degrees instead of 350, but luckily I didn’t automatically turn the oven on without reading the package first.

Once the brownies cooled for about half an hour, I could not resist trying at least a tiny piece of one of them. They smelled delightful – a hint of cinnamon and vanilla wafted through the kitchen. The brownies were moist and unlike any other brownies we’ve ever had in terms of texture. The taste of them was simply delicious! I don’t think I can convey what they really tasted like but it wasn’t that much like sweet potatoes. Maybe a touch of sweet potato flavor was there, but it wasn’t overly obvious that the brownie mix contains sweet potatoes.

In the future, I might add chopped pecans to the mix and someone else suggested topping the brownies with a cream cheese frosting or glaze. One night, we topped the brownies with a tiny bit of canned whipped cream and love them that way too. It would be hard to imagine messing up these hard to describe incredible treats! I also recommend trying the magical Impossible Coconut Pie from this line. Anything that has a crust that I don’t have to create separately is right up my alley!

More information from the Mixes from the Heartland website:

Allergen Facts

  • No eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, oats, barley, rye, or wheat in the factory.
  • No bean flours are used in any products.
  • Factory is allergen controlled.

Eliza Testing

  • Every raw product that enters the factory must be certified by the producer that it can pass an Eliza Test.
  • This means products in our plant test 5 parts per million or less for wheat.
  • The University of Nebraska does our Eliza Testing.  All reports are sent to the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA)
  • Mixes From The Heartland Inc. is CSA certified and we are very proud to say that all our products carry the CSA seal.

Product Summary

  • All natural, no preservatives, most products are low sodium, cholesterol-free, and low calorie.
  • Beans and fruit are all freeze dried and contain no preservatives. Makes cooking soups and meals easier.

*Special thanks for Mixes from the Heartland for my incredible mixes and for donating 50 mixes for my event in Chattanooga tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Mixes from the Heartland Gluten-free Products”

  1. I have not make any breads because I can now buy two fabulous ready made breads in my area. If you go onto the Mixes from the Heartland website, you might be able to find reviews of the bread mixes posted. Everything we’ve made from the line so far is amazing!!

  2. I have not make any breads because I can now buy two fabulous ready made breads in my area. If you go onto the Mixes from the Heartland website, you might be able to find reviews of the bread mixes posted. Everything we’ve made from the line so far is amazing!!

  3. I would not recommend that anyone attempt to order anything from Mixes from the Heartland. I attempted to order stuff from them on 11/9/10 for stuff I was going to use for Thanksgiving. They took the money from my bank account on 11/10 and that’s the last thing that’s happened. I have been trying to get in contact with them since 11/19 both via the contact form on their website and also the phone number listed as “customer service” which just goes straight to voice mail. I even tried posting a request for them to contact me on their Facebook page and it was quickly removed with no response. I have left numerous messages and cannot get anyone to return my call or let me know what is happening with my order. Their website still lists it as “awaiting fulfillment”. Save yourself the aggrevation and avoid this company.

  4. I also ordered for Thanksgiving and have tried several times to either have my order shipped or refund my money. My daughter was so excited with some of the offerings, but no contact for a month is very unacceptable. Stay away from this company.

  5. My order was suppose to be refunded on January 6, with a check in the mail, but it has not come yet. I did receive free product from the company, but only 2 things that I order. It took almost 2 months for me to receive any contact from the company. They had trouble with their website, but very unhappy with the customer service.

  6. Wish I would of seen these before. I just ordered items for my little brothers bday….he was so excited. I will now be contacting my credit card company and letting them know this is a fraud. Great.

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