Gluten-free Granola Bars without Nuts

nonuttinimage.phpBack in my gluten eating days, I was not much of a granola bar fan. When I was in the mood for something like that, I preferred the Quaker Oats chocolate chip bars over any other type. Those bars are chewy, quite chocolaty and very tasty. They did not have a dirt like flavor like some other bars and they were crunchy without being too hard.

Last month, I read a review of some bars I’d not heard of before. They are called No Nuttin’ bars. As the name implies, there are no nuts in the  product line – and they also happen to be gluten-free! The bars contain oats, but they are pure uncontaminated oats that are tested for safety. According to celiac experts both in the U.S. and abroad, only about 5% of people with celiac can not tolerate safe gluten-free oats. That number might be similar to that in the general population. It’s so wonderful to be able to eat safe, gluten-free oats. In my case, doing so has led to a healthier cholesterol level!

People that don’t eat gluten-free oats would not be interested in the products from No Nuttin’. Each bar is just over 1 oz. and has 130 calories and all of them contain gluten-free oats. There is either 7 or 8% of the RDA of fiber in the bars, depending on the flavor. Those include:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Double Chocolate Chunk
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Raisin

So far, I’ve tasted every flavor above except the Double Chocolate Chunk. They all tasted great – possibly better than the Quaker bars that contain gluten! At least, they taste better than I remember,  as it’s been almost five years since I’ve had one of those. The bars are really excellent in every way and are in a league of their own. The taste and texture is perfectly pleasing and there is no odd aftertaste. There is no dirt like flavor to them and you can actually bend the bars without them breaking.

Here is only the problem with these bars. I think they are somewhat addictive. It’s kind of hard not to scarf a whole bar really fast. I never have that problem with any other bars, including KIND bars and Larabars. I routinely eat only half of those bars and my husband eats the rest. He loves bars so he’s always game to take care of my left-overs. It would be a real stretch for me to share No Nuttin’ bars with anyone. The bars are a great size for me and are perfect to keep in the car and take on trips. The ones with chocolate chips might not be a good idea for car storage in warmer month, of course.

One of the most interesting things about No Nuttin’ is how the company came to be. The owner’s children have nut allergies and when they decided to create the bars, they wanted to make them free of as many allergens as possible. The products are free of a lot more than nuts and gluten. They are free of just about eveything except great taste! *Some items contain soy.

  • Peanut Free
  • Tree Nut Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Sulfite Free
  • All Natural
  • Trans Fat Free
  • GMO Free
  • Whole Grains

Excerpt from the No Nuttin’ website:

Nonuttin’ Foods Inc. was founded in November 2002, 5 years after our youngest child was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. As our daughter began school, we discovered a number of children and adults bringing food products with peanuts, nuts or traces of these to school despite a “nut free” policy. In particular, we saw many granola bars. This caused us to search for a nut free granola bar that we considered healthful . When we couldn’t find any granola bars that were healthful, we created one of our own.

In addition to trying three of the granola bars from the line, I also sampled the Vanilla Caramel Granola Clusters and the Energy Explosion Trail Mix. The latter is pretty good if you like that kind of product. The vanilla flavor in the Vanilla Caramel Clusters was a bit strong for me, but it’s an extremely popular product in the line up. Sample packs are available through online ordering. And if you don’t want to try bars containing oats, the Grocery Guide lists 40 brands, each of which that sell various types of gluten-free granola bars. The last thing I have to say about these bars is that they should have been included in the new gluten-free product line up at Starbucks – no doubt!

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