bisquickThe news about gluten-free Bisquick and Hamburger Helper coming to market took the gluten-free world by storm. Both products were introduced at the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference in May of this year. Both Bisquick and Hamburger Helper are owned by General Mills. To date, their gluten-free website (Live Gluten Freely) lists over 250 gluten-free labeled products put out by the various General Mills lines.

There have many estimated dates floating around the internet about when the two new exciting gluten-free products from General Mills will hit the market. According to the company representative I spoke to, each product is presently in production and is expected to start showing up in limited stores in late June/early July. The items will have a more widespread release hopefully in August. General Mills expects the Hamburger Helper to hit store shelves first, with the much anticipated Bisquick to start showing up quickly thereafter.

So far, the Bisquick and new Hamburger Helper flavors have been a hit with the people who got to try them at the CDF conference. Because the products are not listed on any General Mills website yet, I don’t have the ingredients list. Even so, the one thing we know will not be in the items is gluten! Bisquick is one of those things that brings back childhood memories. It’s such a versatile mix – making everything from pancakes to dumplings. Hopefully, the gluten-free version will also be quite versatile as well.

There will most likely be many gluten-free recipes for the new Bisquick posted on the Live Gluten Freely website. There are now many gluten-free dessert recipes posted there that utilize the gluten-free mixes from Betty Crocker. Did you know the gluten-free yellow cake mix from the line can be used to make carrot cake? Check out this easy recipe for it. General Mills is really embracing our quickly growing market in a big way. It seems that the powers that be at the company have figured out what a loyal customer base we are. That’s something some of the other large food companies haven’t quite grasped yet.

With the gluten-free version of Bisquick hitting store shelves soon, it’s likely that the companies that are dragging their feet in response to our market will soon have to get serious about trying to get their piece of the gluten-free pie. According to the Grocery Guide, at least thirteen companies already make gluten-free pancake mixes like Bisquick’s. So is Campbell’s really going to let Progresso have all the mainstream gluten-free soup business? Is Kellogg’s willing to let Chex have most of the mainstream gluten-free cereal business? It’s doubtful that either of those things will happen and that means that even more exciting gluten-free products will soon be on their way to store shelves!

*General Mills would like to remind consumers to carefully check the label when looking for the new gluten-free items. Not all Bisquick or Hamburger Helper products are going to be gluten-free. There will be gluten and gluten-free versions available and each item will be appropriately labeled.