Recently, we introduced you to No Nuttin’ gluten-free granola bars. As noted, however, they contain gluten-free oats, so this is an update to bring you oat-less, gluten-free granola bars. Gluten-free granola bars use ingredients like rice crisp, rice and rice flour, tapioca, corn, nuts, fruit, and seeds to replace gluten-containing ingredients. We want to make sure you are able to find gluten-free snack bars that suit your particular health needs so that, just like everyone else, you can chew on one for a snack, work on a diet, enjoy a healthy dessert, and pack your child’s lunch with appetizing foods.

  • Alpsnack: Alpsnack is the sensible hippie of gluten-free snack bars. Not only are they gluten-free and wheat-free, they are dairy-free, certified organic, and vegan. The bars containing chocolate and alpsnackcoffee ingredients are also fair trade. There are no oats in these treats, but there are tasty ingredients like hemp nuts and rice crisps! (Don’t know what a hemp nut is? It’s the hulled seed of the hemp plant, containing mostly oil, protein, and fiber.) The bars come in five flavors, like the Coconut, Mango & Pineapple bar or the Espresso Chocolate bar. With 180-210 calories each, the Alpsnack website agrees that one gluten-free bar with water can function as a meal replacement (but don’t replace all three meals with them!)
  • JamFrakas: From the creators of the well-liked gluten-free Lärabars comes JamFrakas…now a major motion picture. We wish. The characters of Chocolate Chip Cosmocrip and Strawberry Crispiscrumptious would jump around in an organic joy of rice crisps. While you snack on your Lärabar, your gluten-free child can devour her JamFrakas, similar to the way you stifle your giggles during the puns in Shrek while she’s captivated by bulbous green ogres. JamFrakas gluten-free bars are also fairly high in several vitamins.
  • KIND Bars: A tasty and healthy snack bar, KIND has two lines – its KIND PLUS bars and its KIND Fruit & Nut Bars.  Since they are both gluten- and dairy-free, they also workfruitnut_kindplus_mix_4 for a GF CF diet. With ingredients like dates, almonds, honey, and cashews (KIND PLUS, Almond Cashew + Omega 3) or almonds, macadamias, honey, and dried cranberries (KIND PLUS, Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants), you’re in for a sweet and satisfying treat.
  • Pranabar: If you hold a bar in your clenched fist up to the sky, you’ll be invested with all the powers of Zeus, and lightning will zap from your hand to streak across the sky! You don’t need us to interpret all the advertising claims, but you might want a hint that there’s substance behind them. Pranabar is a great way to get energy for your biking, yoga, jogging, child-wrangling… Pranabar actually makes three types of gluten-free snack bars: its original Pranabars, its Super Charger bars, and its Boomi Bars. The original Pranabar is organic, unprocessed, no sugar added, dairy free, vegan, and all natural in addition to being gluten-free, so they are a great choice for people with multiple intolerances and allergies.


  • UPDATE: Bakery on Main: I just tried some gluten-free granola bars from Bakery on Main and had to share! In flavors like Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cranberry Maple Nut, and Extreme Trail Mix, these gluten-free granola bars are healthy and tasty. Made with ingredients like rice, sunflower seeds, cocoa butter, sesame seeds, and flax seeds, the bars are just the right combination of chewy and crispy. Try them for a quick snack or even dessert.

      If you want more options for gluten-free granola bars and gluten-free snack bars, there are nearly 40 brands – each carrying multiple flavors of gluten-free granola bars – in the Gluten-Free Grocery Guide.

      What’s your favorite gluten-free granola bar? What’s your favorite gluten-free granola bar for your child? Let us know if we missed a great one!